learn what experts say constitutes good design.

Find a personal, an organizational/ topical, AND a commercial Web site. A personal site is one an individual creates about her/himself . An organizational site is one a special-interest or non-profit group sponsors. A non-profit organization is one that does not make money, rather, they exist to help the community. A commercial site is sponsored by a group who earns revenue, that is, you buy from them.

Provide a screen shot of the home page for each of the three sites along with the site’s URL. Under each screen shot: 

–List at least two aspects that were effective or appealing to you, that is, design features you liked.

–List at least one aspect that could be improved.

Note that you are analyzing the design, not the content. If you cannot find something that can be improved, find another site to analyze that could use some improvements.

Use complete sentences and good grammar. Label and number the appealing aspects and label the point of improvement. Be sure to indicate which type of site each is. 

Be specific. That is, saying the site is organized, looks good or is well laid out, isn’t enough detail. 

In Chapter 5, you will learn what experts say constitutes good design. After you learn that, I encourage you to go back to this assignment to see how well your intuition was detecting good and poor design

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