Thinking about leadership and how to maximize my potential is what gave me a more precise sense of choosing the podcasts which are very interesting. To narrow down, the first episode specifically coaches leaders on the different ways of how to handle change which is an inevitable aspect of life in general and organizations or businesses. It also discusses more relevant questions from people in regard to leadership to help leaders deal with change effectively by being flexible, accountable and having a vision for tremendous success especially during promotions. The second episode teaches leaders on how to co-manage with peers and also discusses clear answers to a variety of questions from people who experience organizational and transition problems. This podcast teaches how individuals ought to establish authority and credibility when managing peers especially during promotions and all of the podcasts also discuss leadership aspects on a cultural level which is efficient intriguing for me to adopt.

There are various takeaways from the first episode 383 that has the objectives of how a person can handle change from a management perspective and a personal level. The host mentions that change is an external thing that happens while transition is the psychological process through which people go through as they internalize new situations which bring change. It mentions William bridges book titled transitions which discusses how change begins with an ending whereby a person recognizes what they are losing and learn to manage that particular loss. After that there is the neutral zone which comes after letting go whereby the old is gone but then the new is not fully operational. Finally, there is new beginnings which include new values, attitudes and understanding as individuals establish new roles in understanding their purpose. The second book titled leading transitions discusses things we should do as leaders to go through transitions and how what we can do to celebrate the small wins (Bridges, 2015).

The second article discusses how to co-manage with peers and distinguishes management and leadership. Management is how we handle complexity and leadership is how we handle change and looks at caretaker versus rain maker in the same perspective in an organization. One should have a caretaker and rain maker in an organization to know what will be best for the organization. People who get counter offers of different jobs quit their jobs within 24 months. There are co expectations in an organization, including quality control and there are different frameworks that revolve around organizational results. There should an on-sight and spending time with a peer to find out how they are doing or responding to conflict to be aware of how different leaders are handling different situations. This opens up a chance for more awareness and how one can go as far as the outcomes. Norms can be created in the work place like adapting the no technology devices like phones which could help people find their potential. Good listening to the struggles and being part of the conversation is essential for achieving tremendous progress and achievements. This will give people a gift that will last for their lifetimes. It is good to have a discussion with the team on where the organization is headed and creating awareness why leaders are creating decisions better than others at all times. While co-managing peers, a leader should be sensitive of their situation, they should establish credibility, be fair and maximize their strengths (Dave & Bonni, 2018).

To sum up, the podcasts will help me share what I have learnt and keep learning as I mentor others as I pay attention of my mind and affection my heart. This has also given me some of the newest ideas necessary for me to outperform by engaging in critical thinking through effective listening and knowing how and when to delegate and how to manage conflicts (Dave & Bonni, 2018). This will help me a leadership coach by helping me think outside the comfort zone, build my goals around my strengths and taking action to produce results as I create a balance at the same time.


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