Leadership Cover Letter

Leadership Cover Letter

For your leadership cover letter assignment, you will write a letter that highlights your leadership related traits, skills, behaviors and leadership effectiveness. This is a self-reflective exercise that challenges you to understand your strengths in each of these areas. You are pitching yourself to a potential leader. You can also use pieces of this letter in a cover letter you submit to actual recruiter.

The assignment tests how well you can delineate traits, skills, behaviors, and leadership effectiveness in your self-description. It also assesses your ability to write a convincing sell of your skills and abilities. You will not use technical terms such as theory names in this letter.

Letter Structure

Your narrative will be structured like a letter. See below


Dear Recruiter/Hiring Manager, (or NAME)

Para 1 – Trait description

Para 2 – Leadership skills

Para 3 – Behaviors and Outcomes achieved

Para 4 – I look forward to discussing the many ways in which I can bring value to [COMPANY NAME] once you have had an opportunity to review my background.Feel free to reach me by email at myemail@contact.com or by telephone at 123-456-7899.

Thank you for your consideration.


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