landslides in the United States

Landslides in the United States: Read the attached PDF on Landslide Types and Processes in the United States prepared by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). This document can also be downloaded directly from the USGS using this link (
The USGS conducts an extensive Landslide Hazards Program ( Open the following website using this link ( to find an inventory of media landslide event reports organized by year (back to 1994) and month.
Select three reported events from this inventory to summarize in a brief report. Pick events that are examples of different landslide types or causes. Have the following information clearly organized in your brief summary:
Year and month of the event
Type of landslide and type of material (see Figure 2 in the Landslide Types and Processes PDF)
Cause or causes of the landslide (see the list of causes in the Landslide Types and Processes PDF)
Effects of Urban Development on Floods: Use this link ( to access an article titled “Effects of Urban Development on Floods”. Read through this overview of the urban development and its effects. Throughout the article, mention is made of four specific rivers of study: Mercer Creek, Newaukum Creek, Salt Creek, and the Anacostia River. For each of these cases, discuss the data results and lessons learned. What factors explained these results?

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