Landisville inc had the balance sheet as shown below on 12/31/13 cash 20,000 accts receivable 21,200 Investments 32,000 plamy assets (net) 81,000

Landisville inc had the balance sheet as shown below on 12/31/13cash 20,000accts receivable 21,200 Investments 32,000plamy assets (net) 81,000land 40,000TOTAL 194,200aCCTS PAYABLE 30,000NOTES PAYABLE (LONG TERM) 41,000COMMON STOCK 100,000RETAINED EARNINGS 23,200TOTAL $194,200DURING 2013 THE FOLLOWING OCCUREDLANDISVILLE INC SOLD PART OF THE INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO FOR $15,000. THE TRASNACTION RESULTED IN A GAIN OF 3,400 FOR THE COMPNAY. The company classifies its investments as available for salea tract of land was purchased for $18,000 long term notes payable in the amount of $16,000 were retired before maturity by paying 16,000 additional $20,000 in common stock was issued at pardividends of $8,200 were declared ans paid to stockholdersnet income for 2013 was 32,000 after allowing for depreciation of $11,000land was purchased through the issuance $30,000 in bondsat december31 2013 cash was $32,000. accts receivable was $41,600 and accts payable remained at $30,000Instructrions”:cash prepare a statemebt of cash flows for 2013

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