Introduction To Programming

Introduction To Programming


HS1031 Introduction to Programming – Assignment I

Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines Trimester T1 2019

Unit Code HS1031

Unit Title Introduction to Programming

Assessment Type Individual Assignment

Assessment Title Assignment I

Purpose of the assessment (with ULO Mapping)

Assess student’s ability to develop algorithmic solutions to programming problems

using Python language.

Weight 15 % of the total assessments

Total Marks 15

Word limit N/A

Due Date Week 8 (14, May 2019 11:55pm)

Submission Guidelines

• There are five questions in this assignment which require you to write and

submit five Python scripts. Please save each script in two different

formats: .py and .txt prior to submission. For example, for the first question

you need to submit and triangle.txt.

• Code must be appropriately commented. Make sure to add comments at each

segment of your code to explain what it does.

• Make sure that your code runs successfully for all possible entries.

• Try to approach the solution with the least number of steps. Your code must be

clear, logical, and easy to understand.

• All work must be submitted to Blackboard by the due date (Tuesday, 14 May

2019 11:55PM).

• You are encouraged to avoid last minute submission so that you do not run into

technical problems.

• You can only submit once. Thus, ensure that your work is final prior to


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HS1031 Introduction of Programming

Assignment I Specifications Purpose: This assignment evaluates your understanding of basic programming principles using Python language. In particular, it assesses your ability to develop algorithms to solve simple problems, successfully develop and run python programs, and your ability to write meaningful comments when necessary.

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HS1031 Introduction of Programming

Marking criteria

Marking criteria Weighting

Appropriate commenting 5%

Sound logic 5%

Code running successfully 5%

TOTAL Weight 15%

Assessment Feedback to the Student:

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HS1031 Introduction of Programming

  1. Write a program to determine whether a triangle is a ‘right triangle’. A right triangle is a triangle where the square of one side equals the sum of the squares of the other

two sides. Your program should prompt the user to enter the three sides of a triangle – one at a

time – and then print a statement indicating whether or not the triangle is right. (3 marks)

  1. Bit shifting is a process where the bits of a given string are moved to the left or to the right.

For instance, the bits in the string 1110 becomes 1011 when shifted two places to the left.

Notice that the leftmost two bits are wrapped around to the right side of the string in this

example. Write a program which take a bit string as an input. The program prompts

the user to enter a string of binary bits. The program allows the user to determine the

direction of shifting by entering L for left shift or R for right shift. Once the bits string is

entered and the shift direction is specified, the program shifts the bits two places either to the

left or to the right according to the user choice. Finally, the program prints the resulting

string. (3 marks)

  1. The mathematical value of π can be approximated using the following equation:

π/4 = 1 – 1/3 + 1/5 – 1/7 + . . .

The higher number of iterations, the more accurate the approximation is. For instance, and

iteration of two (π/4 = 1 – 1/3) yields a value 2.66 of for π, while an iteration of 100 yield a

value of 3.13. Write a program that prompts the user to enter the number of iterations

in this method of approximation and prints out the resulting value of π. (3 marks)

  1. Company A keeps a record of its employee payments in a text file. Each line in the file is

formatted as follows:

Write a program that prompts the user to enter a filename as an input and prints a

report of the payments made to employees. For each employee, the total payment is

calculated by multiplying their hourly payment rate by the number of hours they worked. The

report must be formatted in a tabular format with the above header. (3 marks)

  1. Design a game where the player rolls a couple of dices. The rules of this game are as follows:

if the total dots of the two dices add up to seven, the player wins four dollars. For any other

value, the player loses one dollar. The casino claims that there are many ways for the players

to wine. For example, if the dots of the two dices are (1, 6), (2, 5) … (5,2), (6, 1). In reality,

there is a very little chance for anyone to win this game. Your task is to write a program which demonstrates that playing the game is pointless. Your program should prompt

the user to enter the amount of money they wish to invest in this game, and play the game

until this amount is depleted (becomes zero). At this point, the program prints a message that

shows the number of rolls it took to break the player and the maximum amount of money the

player won throughout the lifecycle of the game. (hint: you may need to import the random

module and randint function to solve this problem). (3 marks)

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