Introduction: Indicate scope and direction of the report

MGMT 1001 S1 2016 Business_Course_Outline_Part_A_and_B_S1_2016_full- final .pdf
I have the management report , is about the simulation everest and we have 2 chance to do this activities , and this use this activities as the learning tool to write the report and more details at the bottom , i want to know what structure i need to use , how to use these information to write report , and what is the main concept of each section , please answer me soon ~ THX    
Introduction: Indicate scope and direction of the report
Yes (approx 200 words)
Section One: discusses the value of simulations as a learning tool. With direct reference to the Issues encountered
Yes (approx 500
during Everest
In this section you need to show if simulations are a valuable method of learning by selecting issues from your experience to analyse. This should focus on what worked well or did not work so you can analyse it later – think about Management development from a perspective of developing your personal leadership potential and communication as part your Everest participation.
Section Two: Analysis of your learning through the simulation of the Everest experiences using frameworks from MGMT 1001 Analyse your experiences showing why things worked or why they went wrong. You must discuss the following two key concepts:
Yes (approx 1000 words)
1) Personal leadership development
2) Communications online and in person, the pitfalls and benefits
Section Three: Recommendations for learning
Draw upon frameworks and theories from MGMT 1001 and the
information you have gathered about simulations as a learning
Yes (approx 600 words)
experience. Write a personalised management development plan to
address the learnings you discovered during the Everest simulation.
It is important to show the relevance to your future career.
Conclusion: Integrate issues covered in the body of the report, and make comments upon the meaning of all of it.
Yes (approx 200 words)

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