Internship Key Learnings and Future Career Plans

Internship Key Learnings and Future Career Plans

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Internship Key Learnings and Future Career Plans

The internship is a crucial part of the advanced learners as it acquits them with adequate skills relevant to their areas of studies. On the other hand, interns play a critical role in a company, where they help in timely fulfillment of various duties (Jenny, Pun, and Selden 13). In my case, the exposure contributed to adequate understanding of many of these crucial aspects. Furthermore, working with colleagues and interacting with customers has improved interpersonal and managerial skills significant in career development. Training new employees has assisted in identifying areas that needed improvements in management. In brief, the internship promoted self-growth, career development, and exposure to the human resource field that added to gaining crucial experience and understanding of the company’s performance.

Key Learnings Gained from Internship Experience

I gained knowledge in diverse fields in business management, such as marketing, accounting, and business law. Understanding all these sectors is significant in career building. It involved selling the services offered by Mass Co. to potential customers all over the world. Moreover, the assignment of new workers to train paved the way for learning in the process. The lessons include content marketing through communicating the products to customers, which demand understanding the product. In this context, following the marketing metrics has been significant because it has helped realize where the company is going wrong in acquiring the customers. Hence, the internship has promoted my understanding of the marketing strategies and appropriate marketing personnel’s contribution to product sales success.

Apart from the above mentioned, the internship brought about the understanding of the recruitment and selection process. The latter being the significant role for the human resource department, it has been vital to understand the strategic plan laid out by the company in acquiring suitable candidates for specific positions. Planning has involved determining the needs of the company and then developing an action plan to attract talent. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the department to create an employer brand impression that would be appealing to the potential candidates. After that, the selection and hiring procedure followed involving a selective process of thorough assessing qualification and experience. Therefore, being part of that step has enhanced knowledge and skills to incorporate in the future post.

Training the newly recruited employees was another responsibility assigned to me during the internship. The purpose therein was to acquaint the selected candidate with the company’s work pattern. The human resource team developed training program guidelines depending on the skillset required by the job description. The training not only served as an insight into the artistry of the employee to the human resource department but also became a task guide for the newly enrolled. It prepared the latter with the skills necessary for the duties allocated to them to ensure adequate performance within those roles. Taking part in the training enhanced soft skills of leadership, time management, communication, and critical thinking. Therefore, it has acted as a catalyst to grow and improve practical skills important in the human resource sector.

In this regard, to further engage the employees, they were enrolled in seminars, trade shows, and conferences to acquire additional skills for professional development. The human resource department played a major role in developing a strategy to implement the latter. It was done through assessing performance records of the staff members to determine the skills that required improvement. Each one was asked to enroll for either the seminars or/and conferences for their career development and the overall business performance. The programs have created the opportunity to engage and associate with colleagues to learn further about the human resource field and explore the company’s improvement and growth strategies. As a result, the engagement programs have proved essential in developing the career skill set for the future.

Carrying out performance appraisal to motivate and encourage employees to maximize their potential was another assignment during the internship. It is meant to assess performance and provide feedback to each member to understand what is expected of them. Approving and awarding those who excelled in their positions is done aiming to encourage and motivate their commitment and hard work. Furthermore, th workers are guided through their task requirements and expectations by the human resource interns. The role helped implement effective communication skills and develop a relationship with colleagues to understand them and provide necessary support, motivation, and encouragement for productivity. Hence, the aid has created the opportunity to build interpersonal and professional skills for upward career mobility.

The internship has also helped me learn how to maintain a work culture within the company. The latter ensures active conflicts resolution amongst colleagues to keep a conducive environment. Further, the human resource department is responsible for ethical professional relations at every level of the company’s structure. The human resource team does the mediating of the conflicting parties by establishing effective means to resolve the existing issues. Critical thinking and in-depth understanding of the respective policies were requirements to bring together employees to enhance cordial relationships in respect to the professional culture. Therefore, the human resource intern had to create a relationship with the peers based on trust and honesty and be proactive in cooperating with the latter to provide fair judgment without discriminating any party. It enhanced growth in conflicts management skills and experience in handling employees.

Being responsible for formulating contract policies the human resource team was responsible for ensuring compliance with the existing laws. It was a requirement for the interns to learn the rules that were to be considered within the company’s operations. The opportunity was to educate the interns on the labor laws, tax laws, policies of indiscrimination, and minimum wages applicable for individuals at different levels of the management hierarchy. Consideration of the requirements was to ensure the company had the upper hand with the law and did not violate legal conviction. Therefore, the exposure contributed to the understanding of all the legal requirements that affected the operation of the company, in particular the human resource department, in the implementation of policies related to employees.

The human resource department has the responsibility to manage the payroll of the company’s workforce. Among other duties assigned by the supervisor, one can mentioned monitoring of leaves, efficient generation of pay slips, reimbursements, and transparently managing salaries raise and cut, as mandated by the company’s policies. The department provided the payment information as a guideline for effective execution. Therefore, the role created the opportunity for calculation of salaries, dues, and compensations to promote the effectiveness of delivery and implementation of the knowledge gained to care for valid assistance to the human resource manager. In brief, evaluating the salaries of the company provided an insight to learn more through collaborating with the HR team to manage payrolls.

Therefore, the internship provided essential skills in the field of human resource that will play a significant role in the future. Furthermore, the position was an insight to encourage and motivate cultivating on career growth and professional development. It helped lay the foundation of leadership and promote upward mobility through effective delivery in the field. The training has enhanced effective communication skills among other interpersonal skills gained throughout the internship, for instance leadership, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Therefore, it was an opportunity to grow and advance career-wise.

My Future Career Plans in the Next Three to Twelve Months

Among the career plans in the future, one can mentioned exploring the company to identify the strategic changes and the impact that they have on the employees’ satisfaction. The latter will involve evaluating the current human resource management practices and changes that the department has applied, then connecting these elements with employee satisfaction levels. The activities will also include assessing the annual reports of the company, its HR policies, and changes made over time. Eventually, collection of information will be made regarding the compensation and benefits of employees of different cadres. Further gathering of the data about the company’s revenue will be done the corresponding years to record them in an Excel Spreadsheet and help evaluate the efforts being put in place to improve the working conditions of the employees.

Furthermore, another future task will involve assessing the current rate of employee turnover and determining the contribution of HR practices to the status quo. These steps will be completed at the office of the HR manager with the authorization of the department, where the specific activities will cover collecting data about the history of workers at Mass Co. using 2000 as the base year. Afterwards, one has to evaluate the records of former personnel to identify possible factors that may have led them to leave the company. More so, collect data about areas of dissatisfaction and their impact on staff turnover. One should also gather information from current workers to examine their intentions and potential reasons for discontent. Conducting these activities will help understand the strengths, weaknesses, and risks facing the human resource department and determining the ways of mitigating risks associated with employees leaving the company. Finally, the collected data will help evaluate the readiness to implement the changes for employees’ welfare in the business.

Therefore, the internship has been significant in advancing career goals and gaining the skills and experience required to hold the position of an HR manager at any company in the future. Moreover, the post gave the opportunity to nurture, develop, and demonstrate an aptitude and desire for career growth. Primarily, HR management requires discipline and hard work, which were demonstrated during the internship period. Finally, in this context, the internship goals were realized through training, which encouraged effective communication. Interacting with colleagues during the development conferences and seminars built further engagements for learning and improving skills, hence giving me the opportunity to learn, grow, and plan for the future career.

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