International Operations – Company Structure – HR Mngt

Topic C. Reflection.

  1. What are the criteria that HR should look for when selecting global expatriate managers?
  2. How important are family issues in an expatriate career?
  3. How is an expatriate’s package calculated and what factors are considered in the calculation?

Listed below are relevant sources assigned to this weeks assignment…

Due Midnight 6/3/17 500 words

Support your arguments in all posts with the data and concepts from the readings, videos, and scholarly / reliable non-scholarly research!

Ananthram, S., & Nankervis, A. (2013). Global managerial skill sets, management development, and the role of HR: An exploratory qualitative study of North American and Indian managers. Contemporary Management Research, 9(3), 299-322. doi:10.7903/cmr.9731

Friedman, B. A. (2007). Globalization implications for human resource management roles. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 19(3), 157-171. doi:10.1007/s10672-007-9043-1

Hill, J. A. (2016). Protecting a global workforce in a changing world. Benefits Magazine, 53(5), 26.

Overman, S. (2016). Tapping talent around the globe. HR Magazine, 61(1), 46.

Dixit, A. (2013). Globalization & HR challenges. Human Capital, 36-40.

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