In 2005 Ben opened a fast-food restaurant called “Tornado Tacos” which combined tasty taco toppings. 1 answer below »

In 2005 Ben opened a fast-food restaurant called "Tornado Tacos" which combined tasty taco toppings with
technology. Ben had avidly ingested tacos for years and was always perturbed by how taco toppings were always at
the top of the meat and never mixed within; he thus opened Tornado Tacos!
Customers choose which toppings they want on their tacos and Ben places them in a patented ''''tornado spin mixer''''
where the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The toppings do not lose their integrity (tomatoes are still crispy, etc.)
and the customer enjoys the taste of every selected taco topping in each bite of a Tornado Taco!
Tornado Tacos enjoyed mind-blowing profits and success for the first three years due to creative advertising. The
commercials featured lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes getting married by a taco shell; after the taco shell pronounced
them married, they took their honeymoon in the ''''tornado spin mixer''''.
Upon the popularity of this commercial, the Monogamous Toppings for a Homogenous Gullet (MTHG) began a
national boycott against Tornado Tacos, stating that the commercial endorsed polygamous topping-sharing. Within
six months Ben''''s profits began to reflect the boycott and spiraled downward.
Ben now comes to your company, Novel Solutions to Non-Traditional Problems (NSNTP), for help. Ben is adamant
on maintaining his First Amendment Freedoms as an artist, yet wants to see Tornado Tacos profitable. What plan do
you have for him?
1. Identify the Problem.
2. What techniques can be used to adopt the right attitude?
3. Generate ideas and options for a possible solution. What specific techniques do you use?
4. Select a Solution.
5. How would you implement and evaluate the solution selected?
For my second assignment, I want just 200 words.
For this discussion board, answer the following four (4) questions:
•What is the difference between a common and novel problem?
•Create an example of a novel problem.
•Use the various techniques, found in the class text, to generate ideas and solutions to the novel problem you
•Create a brief pro and con list to one of your solutions
Foe my third assignment, I want just 300 words
LP8 Assignment: Follow-Up Letter
Use the samples in Chapter 8 to help you formulate a professional thank you letter. Create your letter in a Word
document using the business letter format (the same format you used for your cover letter). The follow-up letter
should consist of three short paragraphs, single spaced with no indents, and an extra space between the paragraphs.
Make sure you include your contact information as you did for the cover letter.
The first paragraph begins by thanking them for the interview. You can also use verbiage such as
“I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the XYZ position.”
Mention something specific you learned from visiting with them about the job or company.
The second paragraph is where you communicate that you are ready to begin working for the company, and provide
a new example of how you are a great fit for the job.
In the final paragraph, again thank them for the interview. Assure them of your continued interest in working for them
in this position. You can mention that you “look forward to hearing from them” or “look forward to the next step.”
Use a formal closing such as sincerely or Respectfully, and sign your name with your typed signature beneath it.

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