How would you explain this misunderstanding to the owner? Assets are the not equity, liabilities are the outsiders or third party’s claim into the business, and below it is equity, representing the owner’s claim into the enterprise.

A recurring theme of this module has been the value of data to analysis and decision-making. You have utilised various types of data while

conducting several analyses in the Individual Assignments Submission submitted in Units 2-5.

In this final unit, you will synthesise what you have learned about financial and performance management throughout the module. Recall the words

from Anthony’s Orchard CEO Bob Frost in Unit 2:

We are excited about our future, and have aggressive plans for it. Among these plans is expansion into a new product line. We hope to be

producing and distributing Anthony’s Orchard apple juice within the next 3 to 5 years.
As your Final Project for this module, you will create a consultancy report that will provide guidance and insight to company management

regarding this decision. Relying on the work done in previous Individual Assignments Submission, you will make a recommendation to the company

regarding the plan to expand the product line and make a significant investment in an apple press required for that expansion.

To prepare for this Individual Assignment:

Reflect on the work you submitted in the Individual Assignments Submission of Units 2-5. Review the feedback you received from your Faculty

Review the Final Project guidelines by clicking on Final Project on the Module Menu.
To complete this Individual Assignment:

Develop the ‘Executive Summary’ and Section 5, ‘Summary, Recommendations and Conclusion’, which includes your formal recommendation to the

company. Refine Sections 1-4 (based on the Individual Assignments Submission in Units 2-5).
Compile the final consultancy report, and submit to your Faculty Member based on the Final Project Guidelines.
Submit in one Word document the Executive Summary, Sections 1-5, and Appendices and Resources to the Final

As your Final Project for Financial and Performance Management, you will prepare and submit a consultancy report to the management of Anthony’s

Orchard, the company studied throughout this module. The company is considering expanding its product line to include apple juice. This

expansion would require a significant investment in a piece of equipment known as an apple press. Your Final Project submission analyses this

decision, and provides to company management a recommendation based on your analysis.

The consultancy report should contain five distinct sections, plus an executive summary, that in total equate to 5,000 words (+/- 10%) in

length. Necessary Appendices and a References section should also be included. Throughout this module, you will develop various sections of this

report through your work on Individual Assignments (IAs). During Unit 6, you will compile these sections and make any refinements based on

feedback received from your Faculty Member. You will also develop the additional sections required to complete and submit the Final Project.


Your consultancy report should include the following sections:

Executive summary
Section 1: Financial Analysis
Section 2: Analysis of the Investment
Section 3: Developing a Balanced Scorecard
Section 4: Assessing Benchmarking Efforts
Section 5: Summary, Recommendations and Conclusion
Executive Summary (New)

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