How do theories and practices of power come into play when determining and implementing solutions?

  1. Integrate an analysis of systems leadership and organizational structure as part of the introductory discussion to the specific leadership issues.
  2. Evaluate the impact of multiculturalism and diversity on organizational and systems structure and leadership.
  3. Evaluate theoretical ideas and practices of power in relation to health care organizational structure, behavior, and systems leadership.
  4. Develop a personal development career plan using the selected format, and identify categories for potential obstacles to goal attainment.
  5. Communicate professionally in writing, utilizing clear organization of topics and APA-formatted references.
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Project Requirements

To achieve a successful project experience and outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements.Your final paper should consist of the following components:

  • An introduction to your paper in which you provide an overview of what you intend to accomplish in this project.
  • A section for the nursing leadership priority that you are addressing. In each section:
    • List the priority or issue and explain why you chose it.
    • Analyze the issue and explain the various components that you will need to address, such as:
      • How does the structure of your organization contribute to the issues you are addressing?
      • Are there power dynamics that contribute to the issue?
      • What role do multiculturalism and diversity play?
    • Provide an explanation of how you intend to address this priority, including:
      • What things did you need to consider as you put your plan of action together?
      • How did the structure of your organization influence your decisions?
      • What leadership skills will be most important to you as you address your priority? How do multiculturalism and diversity within your organization impact your plan?
      • How do theories and practices of power come into play when determining and implementing solutions?
      • Support your action plan with references to the literature that address the applicable theories, resources, and tools that guided you to this particular solution.
  • A section in which you outline either:
    • Your performance evaluation plan for determining how well you implemented your priorities.
    • Your development plan for how you will develop the skills needed to implement your priorities. This section serves as a personal leadership plan and career programming tool for self-assessment, for developmental purposes, or prior to performance evaluations. The goal is to align oneself within the organization, assess organizational fit and desired career path(s), and identify competency gaps to reach personal and professional leadership goals.

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