How did these roles affect group communication?

The answer to each question should be approximately 6 to 10 sentences in length. You

should write your responses in complete sentences free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Please type your answers in a Word document and then paste your answers below each

question in the space provided.

1. 1. List the television show that you watched. Use the communication task roles Chapter 9

and 10 discuss to describe two specific characters and the communication task role(s) they

played. How did these roles affect group communication? Give specific examples.

2. 2. Describe each maintenance role in your own words, and explain which were present in

the television show you watched. Which maintenance roles have you commonly seen

happen in your everyday life?

3. 3. Briefly describe a " self-centered role." How do you think self-centered roles detract the

group from its goals? Give specific examples.

4. 4. Using the functional approach to leadership, analyze the leader of the group from the

television show you watched. Did this leader perform mostly task functions or process

functions? How did the person’s leadership affect the communication of the group? Give

specific examples and incorporate concepts from the textbook.

5. 5. Of the variables that affect climate (found on page 267), which was the most prevalent in

the group communication that you observed?

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