hotel case analysis

write a report based on a hotel HOTS simulation game. Through participation in the computer simulation in teams formed by the professor, students will be “living” their own case. It is likely that the difference between your intended and your realized strategy will be a central issue. The final paper is a careful analysis of that experience. The paper is expected to be of the highest business caliber: a professionally packaged document that clearly articulates the business issues, a carefully detailed analysis of those issues, and a full set of specific, budgeted recommendations for the future.

The HOTs log in link is :

We are team 1 “Oceanside Inn” , there are total of 6 other competitive teams.

The attached document will be useful in the development of your final paper for the HOTS simulation.  As this is a capstone course, remember to draw upon all of your learning across the past four years of college as you conduct your analysis and present your findings.

I look forward to reading your final paper.  I know it will be of the highest standard, both in terms of professionalism and depth of analysis.  It’s the show piece of your business learning career!

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