Harvard format .  need British writing .      950 words Courseware may exceed t

Harvard format .  need British writing .      950 words
Courseware may exceed the written range, strictly in accordance with the requirements
The reference does not need a lot, the following is the article that needs to be read in the last attachment, for reference.
Core reading
Rodrik, Globalization Paradox, chs1, 2, 9-12
Speech by Kofi Annan: http://www.li.suu.edu/library/circulation/Gurung/soc4500sgTheRoleOfStateAgeSp12.pdf
Hirst and Thompson, ‘Globalization and the future of the nation state’ Economy and Society 1995, pp.408-424
M. Wolf, ‘Will the nation state survive globalization?’ Foreign Affairs Jan/Feb 2001 https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/2001-01-01/will-nation-state-survive-globalization
Rodrik, The Globalization Paradox, chapter 3
A.Blinder, ‘Offshoring: the next industrial revolution’ Foreign Affairs 85 (March/April 2006), pp.113-128
 D. Acemoglou et al, ‘The rise of China and the future of US manufacturing’ http://www.voxeu.org/article/rise-china-and-future-us-manufacturing
Core reading:
R. Vernon, ‘Economic sovereignty at bay’ Foreign Affairs 47 (1968), pp.110-123
L.Eden, ‘The realist adjusts the sails: Vernon and MNE-state relations over three decades’ Journal of International Management 6 (2000) pp.335-342
Hirst, Thompson and Bromley, Globalization in Question, chapter 3.
Rodrik, Globalization Paradox, chapter 5
D. Rodrik and Subramanian, ‘Why did financial globalization disappoint?’ IMF Staff Papers 56 (2009), pp.112-38
L. Mosley, ‘Globalisation and the state: Still room to move?’ New Political Economy 10 (2005), pp. 355-62.
J. Bhagwati, ‘The capital myth’ Foreign Affairs 77 (1998), pp. 7-12.

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Courseware may exceed t appeared first on Lion Essays.


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Harvard format .  need British writing .      950 words
Courseware may exceed t
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