grammar and sentence structures and ideas

grammar and sentence structures and ideas

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Meditation Process

In the last five weeks there were multiple cases that each member of the group had the opportunity to plays the role of mediator. During the process of a meditator job was to help both parties to talk and come up with an agreement. However, not all cases reach in agreement during this process. It means reaching an agreement is a choice to make as per what the agreement looks like by both parties. We just do not simply pick side or judge one side over the other but we help them to come with a possible solution. Now in this essay is going to explain and examine each of the cases in a greater detail.

In regards of the case of Katrin and Leo, it was vital for both parties to come with an agreement. First of all, the job of the mediator was to introduce both parties and allow each one to talk about the issues without judging and come up with possible solutions by inviting both parties to brainstorms. In this case was clear that both parties understand their main responsibility and the terms of the contract. At one point during the mediator one of the parties at first was holding their position firmly without open their mind to the possible solution. It was not an essay process to agree in all the terms and demand from one party but was possible by the innervation of the mediator to invite both parties to brainstorm. At the end of the day all the group members that play the role of meditator during class were able to come up with an agreement. Due to the fact this assignment has ample detail of the case was more essay to comprehend the complexity of this case.

After analysis the approach the mediator used to close this case was very clavier. Firstly, the mediator completely understands the important of the input of each party was vital. Therefore, he clearly explains the mediation process to all parties involves and when there is their turn to speak, they should do, and when is no, they should not interrupt the counterpart. The mediator creates an environment that both parties was able to continue talking and expressing thier ideas through brainstorming. Probably, the only thing mediator should have done differently is to carry the massage to counter offer and ask more questions during this process.

The second case was based on Bruno the Kosovar. This case was more complex than the first case. Even thought, the information providers in class has ample detail describing the situation. Perhaps, in this particular case the job of the meditator was to ensure that both parties will come up with an agreement which they did. However, there were many disagreements in each group at first and each side brought more arguments to the table. One of the reasons is this case take little bit longer to have an agreement is due to the fact of sexual harassment comment by one of the parties involved. During the mediation process each person interpreted information through different lenses and men and women has different views of this case this could cause a bias in solving a case.

After analyzing this case the mediator should have done differently is to be more clearly on their roles. Both parties spend too much time on who is right and who is wrong. The mediator should have remainder them that reason why they are there here is to come up with a mutual solution that benefits both of them. Especially, there where instead when one party strongly argue that the other party should not be compassionate. Probably the mediator should have a different strategy in by implementing and identify the framing issues of the case. In this way both parties where not lose tract of the purpose of this meeting and come up with a solution in a faster way.

The third case was based on The Wrongful Death. In this case the mediator did their best to allow both parties to come up with an agreement. Unfortunately, most of the meditator participants could not come up with an agreement. Because was a death person involve in this case with just little information on hand. After a long section of brainstorm both sides could not meet the demand of one another. This case has proof when is a death person involved there is no monetary compensation for the life of a person. Even thought, the meditator did everything it could to continue both parties to talk but at one point realize that this case was not be solve and end up the mediator process.

The mediator should have done different in this case is to allows both parties to have a conversation about their need and wants about this case. Instead of continuing with the mediation should allow participants to take breaks during this case to clean their minds. Because both sides were holding strong position during this case and he/she should remain them constantly trough this case that are here to come up with a solution. Even thought, this case is extremely critical because of the loss of a life but the emotions of both parties were present and that as not a good sign to procced.

The fourth case is based on Jack and Jill. The mediator job was into introduce both parties and allow each one to talk which they all did. But since there is a death involved in this case most of the groups in the class did come with a solution. However, often times members of the parties involved in class hold a very strong position during this mediation. Was extremely difficult for them to put themselves in the other person shoes to notice why things happen and come up with a possible solution. But instead they blame each other for their death of Jack, which has the ultimate decision to end his own life the way it did.

Even thought, the mediator clearly explains the roles to each party. It was very clear that all the mediator lost control in this case. The counter part where very aggressive towards the other party there were focus on the position not in the interest that will benefit both partie. After examining this case, the mediator should have more control in the room by allowing them to talk when is their turn not allowing the other party to interrupting them. Instead of just listen to them and taking notes he/ she should be trying to understand their point of view in order for them to have an input in this case. For example, focus on the objective criteria firmly but be flexible with both parties.

The last case is based on the separation of conjoined twins. The mediator allows both parties to talk thier own disagreements and come up with a possible solution which all the participants agreed in solution. In this case at first were some disagreement but as the mediator facilitated the cooperation of both parties to continue talking allows both parties to understand the circumstance of this case. At first was very confusing by the mother twins that want their child to be alive, but a doctor always explains the risk involved in any surgery. However, after the brainstorm and the help of the mediator allows the mother took look thing in a different prospective and come up a solution that will benefit both parties involved.

The mediator should have done different is to allow both parties to have thier own in put in the conversation and make sure both of them walk the talk. For example, he/she should have repeat what the other person siad makes sure the mediator completely understands their point of views in this case.

Inconclusion, all this cases outcome varies by the amount of information that was provide. Each case has their own uniqueness and outcomes, but the mediator plays a huge role to ensure both parties understand the reason why are here. The mediator job was to ensure that in each case both parties continue talking to reach an agreement. Even thought, in some of the case both parties try to get lost of tract the mediator was able to recognize those moment and interevent which was vital to continue in this process. In some of the cases both parties cannot agree on their term because they were solely focus on the position not in the interest. The cases that were the most Challange for all of the meditator is when a lost of a person is involved. But the ultimate goal of a mediator in all these cases was to improve both parties relationships by creating an environment that both of them feel comfortable to address their issues.

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