Global Value Chain Considerations

Global Value Chain Considerations

The Discussion is designed for you to practice the decision-making process when considering globalization of a value chain.


Choose and describe a company operating solely in the United States that might be ready to expand globally. Explain what type of global expansion is being considered (your choice).

Assume you are the CEO and the ultimate decision-maker of this local company. You are confident your current value chain is solid but you are concerned at what the impact on your value chain might be if you expand to another country/other countries. What might need to be changed or modified in your company’s value chain prior to the expansion?

Examine how globalization could impact the current value chain. In the examination, include the following:

What are some of the challenges an organization faces when a value chain goes global?

What are the differences between a domestic and global value chain?

Why does a firm go global?

Analyze pros and cons of going global.

Does culture matter in a value chain and the management of the business?

Describe how your business can transition the current value chain to be a global value chain.

The response should use first person perspective.

Compose a response of at least four paragraphs of 4–5 sentences per paragraph. Apply no more than one APA formatted reference and citation per paragraph.

Support your response’s content with at least two applied and cited references from a Library article and also from your textbook. Apply and cite no more than one cited and referenced sentence per paragraph. Internet sources are not accepted for this Unit 4 Discussion. Use APA in-text citation within the response and list the applied reference(s) at the end of the response using APA formatting. APA formatting resources are available in the Academic Tools area titled, “APA Style Central.”

Proofread your response, run spell check and grammar check, and proofread again. Post your polished response in the Unit 4 Discussion.

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