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Job Application Materials

Unit Learning Outcome(s) Reflected in assignment:

  • Use principles of effective document design to design effective job application materials (CLO 2)
  • Adapt job materials to specific job ads/companies (CLO 2)


For this assignment, you will submit an advertisement for a real job you are qualified for (or will be when you finish school), and you will prepare a cover letter and résumé tailored to the job ad and company. 


Use the advice from your reading and lecture for this unit to prepare and submit:

  1. A specific real job ad/position announcement that your materials will be tailored to
  2. A cover letter
  3. A résumé

Where to find job ads:

  • General search sites like,,,
  • (national labor exchange, links to state job boards as well)
  • for federal government jobs
  • Career/industry specific sites, for example, (IT/Tech focus)
  • HR pages of specific companies you are interested in
  • See this list of “niche” job boards: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

In addition to targeting key words and requirements from the job ad, you need to also do research on the position and company to really tailor your job materials effectively.  This shows companies you have done your homework on them (this will be useful if you land an interview too!).

Sources for research on companies

  • Wikipedia (for large companies/organizations)
  • Company webpage
  • News and/or industry publications/websites
  • Company review sites like or
  • Depending on the field, govt. or watchdog organizations (for example, SEC filings can searched for financial companies, certain educational accreditation bodies publish sanction lists, etc.)

Due Date:

Sunday by 11:59 p.m., CT

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