-Explain why a firm is responsible for its supply chain. If the answer is that a firm… 1 answer below »

Requirements- at least 2 1/2 FULL pages of writing (single spaced)- NO titles, paragraph titles, pictures, graphs, etc!. No extra spaces between paragraphs and written in third person. Font is Times New Roman size 12 with only 1" margins all around. The assignment must use quotes that are in "…" within the paper (and contain the incite reference- (authors last name of the reference, year in parentheses)….ex (Smith, 2014). Ifa quote is not used, please make sure I know what reference you got the information from (with it being cited in the paper). There MUST be a separate page that lists the used resources/ websites(minimum of 3 resources)- MUST HAVE WEBSITE to LINKS and NO Wikipedia references. This assignment will be run through a similarity check, which must be lower than 30%. Please please please let me know if you have any questions.
Companies doing business internationally deal with complex sourcing and supply chain issues. Unfortunately, many multinational corporations have failed to include Corporate Social Responsibility practices in their global operations. Due to a number of international human rights disasters resulting from lack of supply chain auditing, corporations are rapidly becoming more transparent and are adopting globally accepted codes of conduct.
Read the ATTACHED case study on Foxconn. In a well-written paper, respond to the following issues: 1-Explain why a firm is responsible for its supply chain. If the answer is that a firm is not responsible, discuss an organization that exemplifies this. If the answer is that the firm is responsible, then how far down the supply chain does this extend (i.e., to immediate suppliers, the suppliers’ suppliers, or beyond)? Support all claims or assertions with scholarly research. 2-Why does Apple continue to source its production to overseas firms such as Foxconn?
3-What advantages, if any, does this generate for Apple?
4-What are the disadvantages, if any, that result from this relationship?
5-How could Apple have avoided the threats identified?
6-Overall, do the benefits of Apple’s decision outweigh the costs? Support your opinions with scholarly research.

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