Explain the various interpretations of ‘an electronic health record’–

A government health in the rural region is divided into four organisational sectors: hospital service, rural and community service, health promotion and corporate services. The village is a small rural township in the region.The Village GP, local health professionals and specialists at Hospital are seeking to improve the service they provide for older residents with chronic health problems. Currently, each medical centre or practice maintains records and patient information which is communicated by letter, telephone or more frequently of late, by email. Much of this information could be more efficiently and securely communicated with the introduction of an automated medical records system. As the health informatics professional, it is your responsibility to coordinate the development and introduction of an electronic system. This will include identifying and discussing benefits, issues and concerns with stakeholders.You have decided to introduce to the community to the exciting new project which will see the introduction of an electronic health record to improve the quality of care for older residents in the community through the Village Newsletter. You will develop the content for the next Newsletter. The content (it may include items, interviews, summaries of press releases from government, even graphics) will:

Explain the various interpretations of ‘an electronic health record’–
Describe the type of record that you are proposing for Hopetoun/the Village
Explain why this particular type is the preferred model for The Village/Hopetoun in terms of current and future the needs of the community
Discuss how national and state agendas will affect the type of record to be introduced.
NOTE: Although this is a newsletter, you will need to refer to the literature and reference the articles appropriately.

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