Explain the links between law and religion

Explain the links between law and religion

Exam Guidelines
Responses should be 9 pages in length. This is a minimum length and will be strictly enforced. It refers to FULL pages of text and does not count pages with large

amounts of white space, title pages (which are not necessary), bibliographies, large block quotes, or anything else that is not the body or your original text. You may

write more than this page minimum, but you will not receive extra credit for doing so.
Please use Times New Roman (or similar), size 12 font, double spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides. DO indent at the beginning of every paragraph. DO NOT skip lines

between paragraphs. Be sure that your name and ID number are at the top of the first page of your exam. Be sure to include a bibliography. There is no specific format

required, but we must be able to find the source to which you are referring. Only include sources that you have cited in the text. Use parenthetical in-text citations

where appropriate (author name, year).
Please cite a minimum of three sources. Two must be from class, and one of these two shall be from lecture notes and the other one is from assigned textbook.  You

must cite a MINIMUM of one of the assigned readings.
Essay question- Explain the links between law and religion (Use Lecture notes, Esposito )

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