Explain in detail what the emotional bank account is and how it works.

THIS ASSIGNMENT is from the book by Stephen Covey titled “The 7 habits of             highly effective people”

Covey Questions CH 4

Paradigms of Interdependence – Think Win/Win

WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS!! DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD!! MUST be in your OWN wording!! There is plenty of information online for the book and summary so this assignment should be easy but I just do not have the time. It is due tomorrow by 3pm central time!!

Please thoughtfully and carefully answer the following questions. For each question use at least 5-6 complete sentences to answer completely. Some questions will require more than 5-6 sentences to be complete ( Questions like: 2, 5, 6).

1. Explain in detail what the emotional bank account is and how it works.

2. List and explain the six major deposits that must be made to the emotional bank account, what is gained by making those investments?

3. What is the difference between honesty and integrity? Why is integrity so important and what do you need to do to build it?

4. What happens to people when we love unconditionally; what happens when we violate the primary laws of love?

5. Explain in great detail the 6 paradigms of human interaction. Explain what the outcomes are for each paradigm, how it effects people and productivity, and the weaknesses / strengths of each one. What is required in each paradigm?

6. In the Win / Win agreement, explain the 5 elements that must be made explicit and why each element is important?

7. What does Covey mean when he says, “You basically get what you reward?”

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