Explain how data is to be managed, stored, and protected as well as the incentives for facilities to do so under meaningful use.

  • Assignment 4: (20 points) EHR Systems

The presentation should include:

  • A title slide.
  • A summary of the history of the EHR systems. Students will identify when the system was first designed, who were some of the first adopters of the software, and how it is being used today.
  • A description of meaningful use and HIPAA requirements. Explain how data is to be managed, stored, and protected as well as the incentives for facilities to do so under meaningful use.
  • A list of the pros and cons of using an EHR system over the traditional paper record.
  • A review of a minimum of three different EHR systems. Some systems you might investigate are Athenahealth, Vista, AdvancedMD, MediTouch, Compulink, and Aprima. You should compare the pros and cons of each specific system and fully explore the proc and cons of each. A visual representation of the review should be included. Consider creating a three circle Venn diagram for one of your images. Please review the following resource if you need assistance with creating the Venn diagram in Microsoft Office.  https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Create-a-Venn-diagram-d746a2ce-ed61-47a7-93fe-7c101940839d
  • A minimum of five imagesVisuals used in the PowerPoint presentation must be professional and correlate directly to the information on your slides. This can include images of the software in use, graphs and charts related to your images, the EHR’s logo, and images of healthcare professionals. Any images used must be properly cited.
  • A minimum of five references. A minimum of two of these references must be from the classroom readings.
  • Detailed presenter notes that will serve as the transcript for your Screencast-o-matic recording.

Your narration must be:

  • At least 5 minutes in length, but no more than 10 minutes
  • Recording using Screencast-o-matic
  • Clear, easy to understand, and delivered with professionalism. Reading directly from the notes is not acceptable.

If you need assistance with Screencast-o-matic the link below is a series of video tutorials that will help assist you with using the Screencast-o-matic software.


This presentation must be submitted as Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation. Acceptable file formats include .ppt and .pptx.  The expectation is the content will be original with a similarity score of no more than 30%.


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