Examine the news story. Be sure to reflect and consider all aspects

Examine the news story. Be sure to reflect and consider all aspects


In each module, the textbook readings provide an opportunity to make connections between theoretical concepts of ethics and real world events in the news. When individuals encounter current moral dilemmas, inevitably each will approach the issues with their own perceptions and biases. Understanding how individual views fit in with various world views provides an opportunity for each of us to understand ourselves better. In these activities, you will use critical thinking skills to expand your knowledge regarding current moral and ethical issues in the world.

You may not post the same contribution as another student, so it is best to start looking for material early in the module.

Properly document your citations and references (according to the current APA standard) and ensure your submission is plagiarism-free. YOU MUST SHOW A CLEAR CONNECTION TO THE TEXT! That means you need to clearly mention the text in the body of your post and use parenthetical citations. That should look something like this: MacKinnon and Fiala (2018) mention this concept blah blah blah (p. 219) or Utilitarianism fits with this article because blah blah blah (MacKinnon & Fiala, 2018).

Current Events Guidelines and Instructions


Using one of the news websites from the provided list, search for a current news story that demonstrates a moral or ethical dilemma. Your current news selection must be within the last 90 days. Examine the news story. Be sure to reflect and consider all aspects and viewpoints the author provides.

Sum-it-Up / Relate-it-Up

In your initial post, state the title of the news story and include the link so that others can access the story. Briefly summarize the story and explain the moral or ethical issue/dilemma and how it relates to an ethical theory, principle, and concept or code in the course text. Your response must be at least 200 words and show a clear connection between the news story/event and the course material.




In Iowa, Bernie Sanders says state should allow felons to vote from behind bars

Texas bill that could impose the death penalty on women who undergo abortions fails in committee

Judge Who Asked Woman in Sexual Assault Case if She Closed Her Legs Faces Suspension.

California prosecutors will seek the death penalty in Golden State Killer case

San Francisco airport officials say there’s a ‘surge’ of homeless people taking shelter

Spy cameras secretly live-streamed 1,600 hotel guest for subscribers. Then police caught on.

Italian driver hijacks and torches school bus full of children.
Collateral damage from laws around euthanasia

Actresses, Business Leaders and Other Wealthy Parents Charged in U.S. College Entry Fraud

Why Paying Bribes to Get Your Child into College Is a Crime

Watchdog releases final batch of Hillary Clinton emails from FBI.

Google’s Work with China Eroding US Military Advantage, Dunford Says
Do no harm: the balance of “beneficence” and “non-maleficence”

Doomed Boeing Jets Lacked 2 Safety Features That Company Sold Only as Extras

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews livid over Mueller report: ‘How could they let Trump off the hook?’

Assisted dying: Doctors’ group adopts neutral position

Robert Kraft Speaks Up About Massage Parlor Scandal: “I’m Truly Sorry”

Tech Experts: What You Post Online Could Be Directly Impacting Your Insurance Coverage

Kansas death penalty case has implications for mentally ill

Kentucky governor says he exposed his children to chickenpox

Asbestos You Can

Righting 150 Years of Wrong in Florida

New Jersey Approves Terminally Ill Patients to End Their Lives

Doctor on Video Screen Told a Man He Was Near Death, Leaving Relatives Aghast

Boxing body approves religiously respectful women’s uniform

The Jussie Smollett prosecutor ‘misled the public’ about the dropped felony charges, a lawyers group says

“Something Is Seriously Wrong with Virginia Democrats.

BBC catches rogue traders selling black-market receipts
Georgia Is Latest State to Pass Fetal Heartbeat Bill as Part of Growing Trend

Nipsey Hussle: Stars pay tribute to rapper shot dead in LA.

Another Whale Has Washed Up Dead With Plastic Packing Its Stomach

Alyssa Milano pushes against Georgia abortion ban, Georgia pushes back

US Supreme Court Rules Inmate has ‘No Right to Painless Death’

Parents being misled over kids’ snacks, says child health expert
Media claims transgender athletes are ‘breaking barriers

Is It Possible To Work Under A Bad Boss Without Becoming Bad Yourself?

Rwandan rape survivors and their children, 25 years later

Poland’s Populists Pick a New Top Enemy: Gay People

Burger King slammed on social media over ad featuring chopsticks: ‘It’s racist’
I won’t be buying groceries for a full year, here’s how I am surviving.

A Rural County Owes $28 Million for Wrongful Convictions. It Doesn’t Want to Pay.

Bernie Sanders’ truly awful answer on his newfound millionaire status
Lawmakers in Both Parties Vow to Rein In Insulin Costs
Homeless veteran at center of $400,000 GoFundMe scam gets probation

He Has Driven for Uber Since 2012. He Makes About $40,000 a Year.

Booker launches ‘Justice’ tour, aiming for surge in U.S

New York Democrats prioritize college aid for illegal immigrants over gold star kids
Why Airlines Make Flights Longer On Purpose

A Dystopian High School Musical Foresaw The College Admissions Scandal

‘Oprah Winfrey To Donate $2 Million to Puerto Rico for Disaster Relief’

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