Evaluation Test Case

Evaluation Test Case

The case scenario which I have selected involves a lady charged with burglary for being in possession of her neighbor’s property. The lady referred to as Ms. G, who was caught by the police and seems not to understand why she’s under arrest. According to the police reports, during the time of arrest, the lady was intoxicated. Again, police reports indicate that Ms. G brother had told them that she was involved in selling drugs and doing odd jobs. The upbringing of Ms. G seems to have been difficult since she lost her parents at a tender age of Four years. Again, she was separated with her brother and only reconnected after she was eighteen years. Despite this reconnection, her brother says indicates that they have not has a close relationship since then Ms. G has continuously been moving around the country. Police suggest that Ms. G exhibits paranoid behaviors and have no history of mental treatment. Ms. G has refused to take plea bargaining and requested to be brought to the judge directly even without the help of defense counsel which she had been offered.

The reason for referral, in this case, is to confirm whether Ms. G is competent to stand trial. The referral wants to verify whether there is any evidence on malingering for mental illness. This is the most appropriate forensic evaluation to conduct on this case based on several reasons. Ms. G seems to have some mental issue which affects her ability to understand charges before him. She has exhibited behaviors which indicate that she cannot coordinate with her defense since she refused to have a defense team. However, there is no history of her mental treatment since childhood. Her brother and Ms. G have confirmed this also denies any therapy. This forensic test aims to evaluate whether Ms. G is fit to stand trial before a judge.

The purpose of this forensic evaluation is to determine whether there is any mental disorder or impairment which Ms. G is currently having. The report will go further to explain the severity of the mental disorder is present. And explain into details whether the disorder or impairment affects Ms. G ability to understand her charges and the entire legal process correctly. Also, the assessment and report will aim at uncovering whether there is potential malingering for mental illness. This is prompted by the fact that Ms. G has had no prior medical history of mental illness. This assessment and report will also provide the answer as to whether Ms. G Is fit to stand trial and offer recommendations on how they can be made competent to stand trial if not found fit.

The client seems to have some mental issues which have been disturbing her. Basing from the facts from her history, Ms. G has possibly encountered a problematic life without parental love and care. This is attributed from the fact that her parents died when she was young which led to her growing up in foster care. Foster care can be a traumatizing experience for a human being. As a result, Ms. could have developed a mental disorder due to this experience. Again, by doing odd jobs and living with boyfriends to survive can be an indicator of her traumatizing and challenging life. There could be some mental impairments to Ms. G due to drug use. According to the police reports, they arrested Ms. G who was already intoxicated and had drugs. Again, her brother confirmed to the police that Ms. G was involved in selling drugs. Drugs could have taken a toll on her and cause mental impairments — one of the probable reasons as to why she appears to be hyperactive and paranoid.

My professional role and relationship with the court is to provide expert opinion on the status of Ms. G. This will involve giving professional feedback and correspondence where necessary or needed. I only maintain a professional relationship with the court to help in the case of Ms. G. I have a professional role with the third party of proving that MS. G indeed is not fit for trial. The relationship between the third party and I remain professional as I try to look at the available evidence to show how unfit Ms. G. is in regard to trial at the court.

According to my hypothesis, Ms. G is not fit to stand trial. Several factors inform this. First, Ms. G has been affected by the traumatic events of losing her parents when she was young — resulting in mental disturbances which have gone untreated for all her life. Due to this factor, her psychic ability to make reasonable judgment has been affected. Again, Ms. G has been using drugs for a long time. This use of drugs has led to mental impairments. Ms. G cannot be able to understand her crime since her rational thinking has been affected using drugs and mental disturbance brought by the tragic event of losing her parents. Therefore, Ms. G cannot comprehend the charges against her and the penalties which she might face. Again, she cannot effectively cooperate with defense counsel even if it’s provided for her (Glancy & et al., 2015).


Glancy, G. D., & Et al. (2015). AAPL Practice Guideline for the Forensic Assessment. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 3-53.





Evaluation Test Case


Evaluation Test Case

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