Evaluate 3 property websites to identify requrements for the website prototype by date

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This report is the most substantial assignment for the project and should be tackled accordingly. It should cover the completion of the project [meeting the project objectives], presentation of findings and evaluation. Where appropriate include evidence of project work e.g. websites, data analysis, sample interview scripts, induction plan, social media campaign, training manual, marketing material, etc. You will also be required to provide a personal evaluation of your own project management.

Whilst it is not necessary to include all raw data, a sample should be selected and a clean example given of any questionnaire / interview / observation schedule undertaken.

The report should be sectioned and each section should use headings and a numbering system. It is usual to indent the section headings and then to double indent the individual parts within the section, like this:

Report Title
1.0 Section One
1.1 First part of section one
1.2 Second part of section one

In the Appendix, you MUST include copies of all your Project blogs produced since assignment 2
[Jan 2015] approx 4. When discussing your project management skills in your report, you are required to reference the blogs and your employer’s evaluation [This form must be included in the Appendix].

A minimum of 20 sources need to be used.

The HCI document is to help with the creation of the websites through the use of a storyboard, only sketching needs to be done. Please read the important information document first!

Important Information

To do with my project as it is based on a property management website that does not currently have a website but what my main objective is to show the need for the creation of a website, benefits advantages etc When reviewing the 3 websites Take a screenshot of their main pages and for each page link it to how it fits in with Schneidermann golden principles of website design and Nielsen’s heuristics – 10 principles of website design.
The objectives created in the proposal were wrong the five objectives that need to be included or changed to are :
1. Evaluate 3 property websites to identify requrements for the website prototype by date
2. Review published lit to identify benefits of an online presence to maximise profits by date lit review date
3. Evaluate human computer interaction principles for website design to enable design of prototype by lit rev date
4. Develop prototype for xxxx by march 10th
5. To establish consumer use of websites for property purchasing/ renting thorough the use of questionanires by xxxx end feb

It also mentions blogs in the assignment, which I have included in the proposal the blogs are as follows:
Blog 1 Sept 2014 – In my first lesson on Work based learning I wrote down a few ideas that came to mind that I could use to do my project on. A friend of mine works at a property management business that I know has been thinking about creating a website but is not too sure whether there is a real need for it. My aim for the week is to discuss it with him first before proceeding to speak to the company on a whole as to whether they would want a website completed for them and to look at possible reasons as to why it made a good idea by doing research into this area.
Blog 2 October 2014 – After a discussion with my friend that works at the business, he has arranged a meeting with his superior to discuss whether it would be okay for me to proceed with this project.
Blog 3 Nov 2014 – After speaking to the manager of the business, he has told me to do a bit of research by getting the public’s opinion or to do research into the advantages of creating a website for a business on a whole and what it will do for him. The questionnaires will help in showing the manager whether there is a real need or not for a website to be created for his business.
Blog 4 Dec 2014 – The crit presentation has been completed. For my primary research I will be conducting a questionnaire to find out information from potential home owners and owners of properties as to whether they prefer the use of a website when buying properties or not. I have researched some ideas of website creation benefits for businesses and will go into more detail with this when doing the secondary research consider these as a way to improve Regent property management as a whole.
Blog 5 Feb 2015 – The proposal has been submitted, but I feel as though a few things need to be changed about it, I will need to improve upon these in my final report, deadlines may have changed too, due to the manager not always being there and away on business for constant contact.
Blog 6 March 2015 – The ethics forms took longer than usual to be completed but I can now finally I start work on the final presentation, the manager is impressed by my findings but does not want a website created, instead sketches for a potential website will be sufficient. I will draw these up and include this into the appendices along with the questionnaire and graphs.

There are headings within the guide in the ‘wbl project final report’ doc that need to be covered. Please follow that and this guide is for extra help. Screenshots from another student’s final report will be included into another word doc. This final report will need to be more or less like that.

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