Ethics Sustainability and CSR, MBA Course Assignment… 1 answer below »

Ethics Sustainability and CSR, MBA Course Assignment Please write an essay of about 2000 words discussing any one of the dilemmas outlined below. Your essays are to be submitted on Moodle. 1. Julia F is the chief legal officer of a large European pharmaceutical company with worldwide interests and a high reputation. She has been asked to investigate rumours of corruption and malpractice surrounding certain of the firm’s contracts. This is important because the company’s supervisory board is particularly concerned to preserve the company’s good reputation for conducting business in a legal manner and with integrity. Trust is vital in pharmaceuticals. A comprehensive investigation of practices in Europe throws up nothing out of order but in the course of informal conversations one of the contacts she interviewed has suggested that if she really wants to find something of concern she should look to the Libyan contracts of the company rather than at Europe. The company’s Libyan contract involves delivering medical supplies to areas of Libya where there are numerous victims of the civil war there. An NGO is the principal purchaser of the medical supplies and the contract is not particularly profitable for the firm and is undertaken partly from a humanitarian motivation in line with t

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