Ethical and Social Responsibility

Ethical and Social Responsibility

Office of Graduate Management Studies

Self-Directed Managerial Applications Component

Proposal/Learning Contract
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Student(s): Soraya Limage

Instructor: Radhika Jha

Course: MGT 610- BAP-01

Proposed title of project: Cyber Security in Healthcare Services- A Call for Regulatory Focus

Issue/Problem/Task to be Addressed

In addition to the delivery of healthcare; electronic medical records and the system that houses these records play a crucial part in Healthcare. Healthcare systems provide the technology and application level resource to facilitate day to day operations. Healthcare organizations are faced with many challenges to compete with other healthcare organizations. Technology is an important component in competing with other healthcare organizations. EMR systems are complexed and expensive; the implementation of an EMR system is also complexed. This SMAC will provide a guide to implementing an EMR system to an existing health system using project management tools.

Topic(s) from Functional Knowledge Area Related to the Issue/Problem/Task

The topics that I wish to discuss are data analysis, qualitative and quantitative data, correlation, regression analysis, sampling, project analysis.

Anticipated Managerial Abilities to be Developed

Conflict Management: the ability to deal with conflict so that the situation remains in control. This ability comes to play when delegating assignments/tasks to others. I plan to develop this managerial ability by understanding the different roles of the individuals involved during this project implementation.

Self-Control: The ability to control self, emotions, and behaviors. This is important in project management because the implementation of the project can be difficult and challenging- Self Control is needed in those difficult situations. I plan to develop this managerial ability by remaining organized and focused on the task at hand.

Proposed Project Design/Plan

Please Note: Instructors must approve all surveys, questionnaires, and/or interview questions before distribution or interview.

I plan to conduct my research by gathering information from resources such as textbooks and articles and data research.


The following listed are textbooks and articles pertaining to this research study:

Tan, J.K., Payton, F.C (2010). Adaptive Health Management Information Systems: Concepts, Cases, and Practical Bowerman, Bruce J., Murphree, Emily S., O’Connell, Richart T, and Orris, J.B., Essentials of Business Statistics 5th ed. McGraw-Hill: 2015.

Ethical and Social Responsibility

This portion of the SMAC will describe the social responsibility and ethical aspects of project management in a healthcare industry. I will provide examples of how the organization practices social responsibility. I will discuss Ethics in the workplace and thhe importance of integrity in project management.


Individual Project or Team Project (Degree candidates are required to complete at least two SMACs as a team with other students from the course and at least two SMACs to be completed individually. Effective Spring 2016: Certificate candidates are required to complete one team SMAC and one individual SMAC).


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I (we) agree to uphold the College’s core value of academic integrity. I (we) pledge that this SMAC will not contain one or more sections, in whole or part that have already been included in another SMAC without BOTH instructors’ explicit approvals. Any violation of this provision constitutes Academic Dishonesty.

If a Team Project: __ Approved # of Team Members

__ Required # of Pages (excluding Abilities Section, References Page, and Exhibits.)

Instructor(s)Approval _____________________ 5/17

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