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Your company has just been contacted to be the primary sponsor of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure activities in Metro Park this October. The deadline for signing up to participate or contribute is three weeks from today. Craft an email that would encourage your employees to not only participate in the run/walk, but make them want to volunteer for this charitable event as well. You may, at your discretion provide a prize (of your choosing) for the team that donates the most money or has the largest number of volunteers. You cannot order employees to participate and they will not be paid for this charitable work. You will need to add information to your email, so it can be thorough. I didn't provide you with all the details, so you need to find it or make them up. Just make sure your email is complete, so your employees have all the needed information.

When you've finished by crafting an email to me on the above topic, think for a moment and tell me if the email was the best choice for this communication or if some other form of business writing would have been better – and why. Please put this part at the end of your email below your name.

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