Education Select one of the following communities to research When you make your selection, carefull


Select one of the following communities to research When you make your selection, carefully consider if you feel you will be able to gather sufficient information to address required elements of the assignment

1) A specific Native American community

2) A specific rural community

3) An economically challenged community in the US

4) A community in the US with a very large population of non-English speaking immigrants

5) A poor inner city community

Research the educational issues and potential solutions facing this community Prepare a presentation on your findings for the class Address the following areas through scholarly research You must draw upon three scholarly articles In addition to the scholarly articles, utilize data bases (such as the US census) and relevant newspaper articles

1) Socioeconomic and Demographic Characteristics of the Community – Locate as much data as possible on the socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of the community under study What is the average income? How many own homes? What is the ethnic make-up of the population? What is the average age of the population?

2) Educational Challenges – Research educational challenges facing the community Depending on the community, this may involve searching newspaper articles, drawing conclusions based on data (student/teacher ratios, funding for schools, etc), utilizing census data bases, etc

4) Educational Solutions – What strategies might be effective in identifying problems? Have similar strategies been effective in the past?

Make a Power Point presentation It should be approximately 15 slides Integrate visually appealing images Include in-text citations throughout your Power Point and references at the end Take advantage of the text box below your slide to add in text

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