Does the person have the right to refuse?

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You are assisting a person with range of motion (ROM) exercises.
The person does not want to participate and tells you to leave the room.
Does the person have the right to refuse? What will you do? Does the
nursing center have to take action?


I need a
answer to the above scenario (3 questions) in at least 200 words. APA
style. I am providing the answer for it it just have to be expanded to
200 words and you cannot used the same wording. It needs 2 citation.

The person has the right to refuse. You should
reintroduce the action at a later time. Report the refusal to the nurse.
The nursing center may have to take action if the person is there to
receive rehabilitation care. If a person will not perform certain tasks
to assist in maintaining or improving his or her health status, the
nursing center could become liable. The physician may need to become
involved to reevaluate goals of care for the person.


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