Doc Daimler Only

Doc Daimler Only

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Koenig, Sarah. “What We Know.” Serial. Chicago Public Radio and This American Life. Podcast. 2 May 2017.

Larson, Sarah. “What ‘Serial’ Really Taught Us.” New Yorker. 18 December 2014. Web. 2 May

Final Formal Response Clarification

I sometimes get a lot of questions regarding this last paper, and what it is I’m asking you to do. Basically, think of it this way: Serial is so interesting and so popular (the podcast has been downloaded over five million times!) because it is more than just a “murder mystery,” more than just a story that might appear on Dateline or 48 Hours or something like that. It gets us to think about all kinds of things –some of those things you’ve written about in FreeWrites and on the Discussion Board. In addition, there have been numerous articles written about Serial. Sarah Larson’s article in the New Yorker tells us why she believes Serial is so interesting and important. On the other hand, Sarah Lustbader in the Washington Post gives her views on what she believes is missing from the podcast, and what it could have done differently.

I want you to enter this conversation.

After reading both articles, do you agree with Larson? Or Lustbader? Maybe both of them? Maybe neither of them?

What are the big ideas that Serial brings up? What kinds of questions does it force us to ask ourselves and our society?

There’s no “right” answer to this –the only “wrong” way to do this is by telling us obvious things such as, “Serial teaches us about Adnan, who went to Woodlawn High School, and his girlfriend, Hae, who was murdered.” Do not regurgitate “plot” unless you are making a specific point about something. Give me something interesting! Dig deep!

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