Do you think that companies have the right to sell our profiles and information they collect? Should there be any limitations? Why or Why not?

Assignment 1: Your Mobile Ordering Project team needs to provide a summary of your analysis findings to IT leadership and other department stakeholders. You are assigned to create the material.

Create material that:

  • Illustrates the current information system, capturing data from in-store ordering and payment processes
  • Illustrates the new information system that will be needed when mobile ordering and payment is added
  • Identifies potential uses of cloud computing technology, including the names of the cloud type and likely cloud computing services
  • Identifies the security vulnerabilities the new information system could create
  • Provides recommendations to mitigate security concerns
  • Identifies any ethical and privacy concerns leadership should review.

Use diagrams to illustrate the information systems mentioned above.  You can create diagrams using Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Visio® or another program of your choice.

Document your summary using one of the following options:

  • A 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word document
  • A 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes

Assignment 2: You are an IT specialist in a private medical practice. The practice includes three physical locations and 35 employees.

Until now, all IT technology and software was fully managed on-premises. However, the practice is adding another location and five new employees. Your organization will need additional storage capacity and computing power.

You have been asked to investigate available cloud computing options and recommend whether cloud computing should be used or whether the investment should be made to maintain 100% internal IT management.

Compare and contrast the use of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to internal investment.

Include the following in your comparison:

  • The benefits of each
  • The risks or vulnerabilities of each
  • Additional information you would need to make a recommendation for which would most align with the organization’s needs

Document your summary using one of the following options:

  • A 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word chart or table
  • A 6- to 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes
  • A Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet formatted for printing

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab

Discussion Questions 8 total:

1.  Message expanded.Message read ERP


This chapter talks about ERP systems. It gives a good overview as to what an ERP is, its benefits and limitations and the different methods onimplementing an ERP system. One ERP system that I am familiar with is Microsoft’s Dynamic NAV. We implemented this system into the company to connect our sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, inventory and HR. We used a combination of all 3 strategic approaches: vanilla, custom, and best of breed approach. We used most of the default modules that came with Navision. We also built some custom tables that were not included in Navision. This required some .NET C# and C/AL programming to build the custom tables. This did become risky as we found out when we were upgrading from 2009 to 2013. We would have to rebuild the custom tables as they would not be able to be upgraded to 2013. We also had an older in-house system that we used for inventory and production that continued to use as a breed approach. Eventually we planned on having that system migrated to Navision.

200 word classmate response

2.  Message expanded.Message readInvestment Management


The purpose of investment management  is to monitor, interpret and analyze the financial datafor  a business or corporation.  The amount of available investments can be overwhelming so having a management team that can review options and navigate the complex regulations and tax laws each investment are subject which can vary from state to state.  The two best tools utilized:  Internet search engines and business intelligence and decision support software – Thousands of web sites provide financial data and many of them for free.

200 word classmate response

3.  Message expanded.Message read Ship From Stores and IS


After reading about how Amazon has set the bar much higher for other retail businesses, it was clear to see how Information Systems can make or break an business. The legacy retailers who primarily focused on their brick and mortar  business, were forced to make logistical changes in an attempt to stay competitive. With the concept of ship from store, they now need real-time access to stock not only in their warehouses,but also in their stores. This data also needed to be available from anywhere. As noted in the reading it also put additional requirements on the staff that supports the stores and warehouse. Because this requirement was critical to staying competitive with companies like Amazon, it was a must do, and, it needed to be done in the very short term. I would thing this is one of the reasons a company like Toys R Us went out of business recently. They were able to adapt quickly to remain competitive.

200 word classmate response

4.  Technology Guide3 , Cloud Computing

posted by D knight , May 16, 2018, 9:10 AM

Good morning fellow classmates cloud computing is, in short, the best storage available today.  With the growth of technology storage space would be needed for the information the new programs. The amount of information that can be held within a pc has grown and the high demand of space needed within a portable storage is not enough. The cloud is a storage space that not only provides storage but also provides access from any pc or device that supports the programs access from any remote location. The only Achilles heel is the need for an internet signal to obtain a connection, in present time internet is easier available and free as well.  This gives the cloud the availability that businesses and individuals need. The cloud storage is supported by what called server farms where there are massive data centers and they are called server farms. I personally have not seen a data farm, would like to visit one day.  Has anyone ever visit a data far

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5.  Message expanded.MessagereadTechnology Guide 3, Cloud Computing


Cloud computing provides many benefits to individuals and organizations, see my list below.

Benefits of cloud computing

o  easy collaboration between individuals and teams

o  adaptable to market changes

o  ability to customize services and products

o  reduce cost

Risks of cloud computing

1.  compatibility issues

2.  reliable

3.  privacy (storing sensitive data in the cloud)

4.  security

5.  legal and regulatory issues

200 word classmate response

6.  Message expanded.Message readServer Virtualization


As and IT Project Manager, I led a project to upgrade a server room in our main building in El Segundo, California. The room housed over 100 servers and was the main telecommunications room for our El Segundo Campus. We procured some state of the art smart racks and began a server virtualization project that wound up reducing our server footprint significantly. If I remember correctly, through virtualization we reduced the physical number of servers by about 45% by the time I retired and the project was still going. We virtualized Windows, UNIX, and LINUXservers and we segregated them by operatingsystem. Eventually, the plan was to migrated all servers to a common site about 5 miles away. By doing this virtualization, we were able to reduce the amount of work for the migration to the common site. We were also able to reduce the operational costs by over 40%. We didn’t need as many administrators and our energy consumptiondropped

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7.  I remember when I was back in high school, the coolest thing a student could have was the Motorola flip phone! I would dramatically flip it open when I would receive a text or call – keep in mind I also used T9 Word to text. Nowadays our younger generations don’t go ANYWHERE without having their personal computers in their back pocket. With the Internet being so accessible, there also comes significant risks. Identity theft, fraudulent or unauthorized charges on their credit cards from shopping online, spam related emails asking for customer information to be provided (like social security number etc.). Sites now track your browsing history, they store your personal data, they sell this information to companies – and then there’s the whole issue of net neutrality! As these things change and evolve, we must evolve with it. Placing limitations to the information these users on the Internet can access – I know that customers can now make advanced settings changes to block site tracking or purchase third party applications to help protect their use on the Internet. I think this is a problem our country is still dealing with right now, and big changes still need to be established to protect users privacy and security.

200 word classmate response

8.  Discussion Question: Ethical and Legal Implications of Information Systems

Most of us have been exposed to messages during an online purchase such as; “people who purchased what you are purchasing also purchased ‘X’.” This means that the purchasing system you are using is profiling you against others with similar habits.

Every time we come into contact with digital technologies, information about us is being made available; from our location to our web-surfing habits, our criminal record to our credit report. We are constantly being monitored. This data is then often synthesized, summarized, and aggregated into profiles and sold.

Address the following questions:

  • Do you think that companies have the right to sell our profiles and information they collect?
  • Should there be any limitations? Why or Why not?

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