Discussion question about Progressives DescriptionWhy does historian Richard M. Abrams believe the..

Discussion question about ProgressivesDescriptionWhy does historian Richard M. Abrams believe the Progressives failed? Why do historians Arthur S. Link and Richard L. McCormick think the Progressives succeeded? Whose argument-Abrams’ or Link and McCormick’s do you find more persuasive and why? 5 sentences long.……………….Answer Preview………………..Progressivism as put forward by Prof. Richard Abrams and Lawrence Levine was a total failure as it failed to confront the ills of inequalities that exist in American society but rather presented a uniform set of values to diverse cultures and ethnicities. Progressivism entails the current reforms as seen in the period of the end of Spanish-American War and ushering in of Great War in Europe in 1917. The movement has been in operation for over the last ten years. The term progressivism was coined and used for self-identification among the supporters. It was originally used to distinguish the socialists who took a hard stance, were old fashioned and conservative from the……..APA330 words Added to cart

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