Your answers to each of these questions should be at least one paragraph (6-7 sentences) long, and it should show some thoughtful consideration regarding the matters raised in the questions.  Your total set of answers to these questions needs to be at least 200 words.  Also, when you reply to these questions, be sure to insert the letter for each question next to your answer corresponding to that question.

You will also need to reply to at least two students.  When you reply to another student, you do not need to reply to that student’s answers to every single question for this week.  You can just pick their reply to one question and reply to their answer to that question.  Your replies to other students should be at least 100 words long each.

A. This week we touched on Divine Command Theory.  A central element of this theory is that God’s commands determine what is right and wrong.  So, for instance, this view would say that murder is wrong because God commands against it.  Do you agree with this theory, why or why not?

B. One worry with Divine Command Theory that we covered is this.  Suppose that God’s commands determine what is right and wrong.  Then doesn’t it follow that God could make horrible things such as murder or abusing other people good just by commanding it – and doesn’t that show that this theory of ethics is not acceptable?  Do you agree with this criticism of the theory, why or why not?

C. One of the things that we will be doing each week is discussing some cases from our text Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues.  Look at Case 12b on page 62.  After looking at this case, answer these questions about it.  First, what religious beliefs does the missionary hold? Second, do you think that the missionary’s action in this instance was ethical?

D. We have looked at several different approaches to ethics throughout this course: Cultural Relativism, Utilitarianism, Kantianism, Natural Law, Virtue Ethics, the Ethics of Care, and Divine Command Theory.  At the end of this course, which of these positions do you find yourself leaning the most towards and what are your reasons for leaning towards that position?

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