Discuss the main differences in the types of plague raging through the western world in the mid-14th century.  Be sure to note locations, death rates, and symptoms.

Final Exam CMA

Complete all three sections (A,B,C) of the exam as directed. Number your answers to make it clear which questions your chose. Submit document containing all of your answers from each of the sections.


  1. A) LONG ESSAY Questions


Answer two of the following questions. Be certain to answer each part of the questions. Each answer should be 5 paragraphs long. Answers are worth 30 points each.

1) What events led up to the 100 Years War? Describe each of the participating armies, detailing the differences as well as similarities and changes made during the course of the war. What really caused the war to end and how did this change the face of western civilization?

2) Detail the myriad causes of the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE as discussed in class. What role did the eastern empire play if any? Was it inevitable? Explain your conclusion.

3) Discuss the Humanist Movement. When and where did it start? Why? How are Humanist changes reflected in the art and society of the Renaissance? Touch upon some of the major events occurring at this time that influence these changes? What role did religion play?


  1. B) SHORT ESSAY Questions


Answer three of the following questions. Each answer should be 2-3 paragraphs long. Answers are worth 15 points each.

1) Detail the only ‘legitimate’ reason for a Crusade in the eyes of the Catholic Church.  Which crusade was legitimate? Why? Which Crusade effectively ended the Byzantine Empire?

2) Discuss the main differences in the types of plague raging through the western world in the mid-14th century.  Be sure to note locations, death rates, and symptoms.

3) Peter Ableard’s “Story of My Misfortunes” tells of the life of a struggling medieval scholar. Address his misfortunes and how he dealt with them.

4) What role did politics play in the Avignon Papacy and then in the Great Schism? Detail the concerns to the ‘flock’ and what this meant for the future followers. Discuss Raimon de Cornet’s poem and how it expresses the feeling of the flock.

5) Briefly detail the changes in government under Diocletian from previous rulers. What were some of the major reasons he made these modifications?

6) What are the three main principles of any feudal society? Describe each and how they apply to serfs, knights, and lords.


  1. C) Fill in the Blank Questions:


Provide the missing word/phrase for each of the following. Answers are worth 2points per blank. Yes a few bonus points are possible in this section!

1)  __________ was responsible for creating the world’s first public schooling system.

2) 1453 was a significant year as it marked the end of the _____________Empire as well as the end of the ___________ war.

3) ___________ built the __________ to quell opposition to his rule and refined centuries of Roman Law into The ____________.

4) _________ were the Vikings that were responsible for raiding.

5) ___________ infantry often fought without __________ to allow for more mobility during the 100 years war.

6) __________ built the Flavian Amphitheatre, better known today as the ___________.

7) __________ was the historian that provided the official history of the Roman Emperor____________ as well as a scandalous version titled the ___________ History.

8) The citizens blamed the ____________ for the “Apocalypse” that befell them in the 14th century.

9) The Knights ________ were created during the 2nd crusade specifically to protect _________ and act as _________ for the crusaders.

10) The __________ and the ________ were dualist Christians that prompted Pope ___________ to begin the _________ in 1231 to root out heretics.

11) _________________ was the work of art by Botticelli that marked the separation of art from message, to art for art’s ___________.

12) Masaccio’s ____________ represents the full incorporation of _____________ perspective in Renaissance art.

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