discuss how restorative justice might grow or change in the future in the area you are researching

  1. Choose an international criminal justice topic, such as war crimes, genocide, treaty violations, border disputes, rendition, torture, or mass rape or murder. Within your chosen topic, research the international legal responses to the crime. Present the processes and consequences that offenders (including states and corporations) may experience through the existing international adjudications justice systems, if any. Also, detail the roles that victims and states play in these proceedings. You must locate an actual case or published account and draw from that for your project.
  2. Within your chosen subset, research the traditional retributive response to crime. Present the typical processes and consequences that an offender may experience through the mainstream criminal justice system. Also, detail the roles that the victim and community play in these proceedings. You may use your pre-existing knowledge of or experience with the criminal justice system to inform your account, or you may locate an actual case study or published account and draw from that for your project.
  3. Research ways in which theoreticians and practitioners are applying restorative responses in similar cases, such as truth and reconciliation commissions. Find at least two specific theoretical sources advocating restorative, reparative, and/or reconciliation responses in the literature and describe the methods used to address harm. Provide a detailed account of each of these responses. Detail the roles and importance of the offenders, victims, and communities in the process.
  4. After presenting the international law or UN resolutions in response to violations and crimes, fully exploring at least two restorative justice responses to similar incidents, draw your own conclusions regarding the end results for each example.
  5. Finally, discuss how restorative justice might grow or change in the future in the area you are researching. How do you see that particular area changing in the future with regard to how criminal behavior is addressed? Given what you have learned through your research, what role do you think restorative justice should or will play in the international justice system?
  6. In closing, present your ideas about the ways in which restorative justice will impact the justice system as a whole.


  • This well-written paper must be 8 pages in length (not counting the required title and references pages).
  • Format your paper according to the APA format
  • Incorporate at least eight sources related to your topic area.

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