Diet Assessment assignment using ea Tracker

Diet Assessment assignment using ea Tracker

eaTracker is a free, web-based program sponsored by Dietitians of Canada that provides users with an online tool to plan, analyze, and track diet and physical activity.

For this assignment you will keep a comprehensive one-day food and beverage journal, writing down all foods and beverages you consume, as well as the physical activity you do, in one 24-hour period. You will enter the foods, beverages, and activity into eaTracker, and use the site’s features to analyze the adequacy of your current diet and exercise patterns. You will use your eaTracker results to complete questions on your results.

You will upload 3 files onto the course eaTracker Diet Assessment Assignment submission site:

1) The PDF My eating feedback

2) The PDF My activity feedback

3) The Word document containing your answers to Part-3 questions.


 For one 24-hour period, document your consumption of foods and beverages, as well as your physical activity. Record vitamin/mineral supplement intake. Choose a day of typical eating (not a sick day or day you ate very little). Your intake should reflect consumption of at least 50% of your Estimated Energy Requirement (calculated by eaTracker) in order to earn full credit.

 Have your intake and physical activity records on-hand to begin the assignment.


Access the eaTracker website at: and click on these tabs in sequence:

 “Analyze your Food”  “Sign up here”  Click on the “My Profile” tab and enter your personal information.  Click on the “My Food” tab and search for individual foods and beverages you consumed. Select the

number of servings and serving size and select “Add to” Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snack. Continue this process for all foods and beverages consumed that day.

 Include vitamins and other supplements, as appropriate.  Click on the “My Activities” tab and enter your activities for the same date as your food record.

Part 1: One PDF file (5 pts) When you have entered all of your food, drinks and physical activity, go to the “My Food” tab, locate “My Eating Feedback” on the left side and select “Food Groups”. Note how your intake compares to the recommended number of food guide servings. Next, within “My Eating Feedback,” select “Nutrients” and then “Calories” and examine your results. Select Print All Reports (right side, under the yellow/gold bar) to create one PDF file containing all three reports. Save this PDF for submission to the course Moodle site. Part 2: One PDF file (5 pts)

Click on the “My Activities” tab, locate “My Activity Feedback” and select Print Report. This will generate one PDF file to save and submit to the course Moodle site.

Part 3: One Word document (15 pts) From your Food Groups report, evaluate your intake vs. the recommendations in a minimum one-paragraph, 4-sentence answer. Comment on the possible consequences of over- or under-consumption of a food group for which you struggle to meet recommendations. If you met all recommendations, is this a result of your attention to diet or just chance? From your Nutrients report, evaluate your intakes vs. the recommendations in a minimum one-paragraph, 4- sentence answer. The graph depicts clearly how your consumption of each nutrient compares to 100% of the Daily Value. Which nutrients did you eat at levels below the recommendations? Did you consume any nutrients at levels that exceed the recommended limit? Did supplements increase your intake from food to the recommended level for any nutrients? From your Calories report, evaluate your intake vs. the recommendation in a minimum one-paragraph, 4- sentence answer. Comment on your total Calorie intake and your % Calorie intake from each macronutrient (Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein) compared to the recommendations. Did a particular meal or food contribute a disproportionate amount of Calories or one macronutrient to your daily intake? From your Activity report, evaluate your physical activity level against the recommendations in a minimum one-paragraph, 4-sentence answer. Did you perform the recommended amount of moderate- to vigorous- intensity activity and strengthening activity? Do you normally accumulate enough physical activity across a week? In a final paragraph of at least 3 sentences, comment on whether or not and, if so, how this activity provided new information to you about your dietary intake. If you routinely track your intake, did this activity confirm existing information? Do you intend to make any changes to your diet as a result of the eaTracker findings?

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