Develop strategic objectives that communicate major goals related to

IBUS 311

Market Entry Plan:

Strategy and Entry Mode

As a business organization enters new foreign markets, decisions must be made regarding various

organizational factors. In this module, your goal is to develop your strategic goals and organizational

structure. Based on the country you are analyzing for your global business enterprise, research

information related to the following areas:


Develop strategic objectives that communicate major goals related to:

A. product (or service) offerings,

B. target market and customer benefits,

C. financial aims (market share, return on investment),

(Strategic goals are commonly stated in a manner that can be measured objectively, such as “to

provide households with clean drinking water at a moderate price.”) Provide a synopsis of the

strategic objectives for the proposed global enterprise.


Analyze different global business entry modes that your company might select when planning

international business activities in this country. Compare the benefits, costs, and risks

associated with using exporting, turnkey projects, management contracting, licensing,

franchising, contract manufacturing, joint venture, and wholly-owned subsidiaries. The product

or service, as well as the economic, social-cultural, and political-legal environment of the

country, will influence an organization’s entry mode.


Recommend strategic alliances that could contribute to global business success. If possible,

identify local companies operating in the country that could be a business partner. These

strategic alliances may be suppliers, distributors, sales representatives, or consultants. (For

example, a bottled water company might reach an agreement to transport and sell its product

through the existing distribution system or a soft drink company.)

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