Describe the events leading up to the triggering event and what’s happened since then

write few paragraph to describe these issue

Section #1:  Issue Identification


  • Facebook: “Eglet Prince has filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook, seeking in excess of $5 million in damages. The suit was filed after Facebook, a leading advertising medium worldwide, admitted for the first time that it used faulty metrics to measure the duration that viewers watched paid advertisements distributed on the social media platform.”


·       Identify the “triggering event:” This is a recent occurrence (or series of occurrences) that brought the issue to the public’s attention, putting the company in the spotlight and forcing them to reevaluate their current business practices.  Some examples of triggers are: injury or death of a stakeholder, a lawsuit, or a news report.  If your triggering event is not recent, we can assume that the company has already decided how they plan to proceed.

·       Describe the events leading up to the triggering event and what’s happened since then.  Explain how various stakeholder groups have reacted to the issue and triggering event.  Relevance and importance of the issue to the company must be clearly established.   This will require some research, and you will want to stay current with the issue as the term progresses so you know what stakeholders are involved and how the company is responding.  Be sure to cite your sources.

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