Describe the different information security systems (ISS) policies associated with risk management.

All of the movies below dive into a specific sustainability problem. In a two-page essay, (1) briefly describe and analyze the sustainability problem and (2) explain the solution the movie explores to this problem by describing the vision and the solution strategies used to achieve this vision. If the movie did not provide a vision or solution strategies, then come up with your own ideas. If you have an idea for a different movie/documentary, please shoot me an email, so I can approve it before you use it.

Movies:- A Place at the Table

– Food, Inc

– Erin Brockovich

– An Inconvenient Truth

– The American President

– The Day after Tomorrow

– Syriana

– Fern Gully

– Hotel Rwanda

– Planet in Peril

– Babel

– Pleasantville

– Wall-E

– Gasland

– The 11th Hour

– Who Killed the Electric Car?

– Inside Job

– Education for a Sustainable Future

– The End of Suburbia

– No Impact Man

– Avatar

– Promised Land

– Supersize Me

– Sushi: The Global Catch

– The Carbon Rush

– Not Just a Piece of Cloth

– Obvious Child

– Before the Flood


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  • Q: Describe the different information security systems (ISS) policies associated with risk management. Please give an example and provide a reference.
  • Q: Discussion Topic:  Activity Development and Problems with Estimating Activity DurationInitial Post Requirement (20 points):  Minimum 300 words. There are 2 parts to the initial discussion post.Part

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