Describe the core business of this organization and include the mission statement.

Case Assignment: An Environment for Change
Case Instructions
For this assignment, you are to prepare a brief report in which you identify and define your organization and/or industry of choice and in which you begin to analyze the organization’s change environment. (Please use PepsiCo.)
First, you must select an organization to use for your case (PepsiCo.). 
Your report should contain the following information and points. This report is not to be written as questions and answers. You must write in paragraph/essay format. The bullet points listed here just describe the content that you need to include in this report.
Identify the organization or industry you have selected.
Explain why you selected this organization or industry.
Describe the core business of this organization and include the mission statement.
Include a brief history of this organization.
Briefly identify this organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).
Identify one core competency for this organization. (Refer to the media presentation on core competencies.)
Be sure you explain why you think this is a core competency.
How does this competency differentiate the company from its competitors?
How does this competency contribute to the company’s current success?
Based on your research and findings, how should this organization use its strengths and core competencies to offset weaknesses and threats for future growth and success?
How should this organization deal with a constantly changing business environment to be successful?
In conclusion, give an example of one type of change this company is facing now or will face in the future.
From your point of view, how significant is this change and how might this change impact the organization?

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