describe key features of both structural-functional theory and dramaturgical theory.

describe key features of both structural-functional theory and dramaturgical theory. For each theory identify at least one sociologist most associated with the theory, identify a key claim or assertion made by the theory (e.g., if you had to summarize what that theory means in one sentence, what would it be?). Then explain what that claim means by identifying some of the key concepts of that theory and defining them. For example, for the dramaturgical theory you should define front-stage and back-stage behavior as well as impression management, and show how those two kinds of behavior help manage impressions. In structural-functional theory, in contrast, you should be sure to define what they mean by a structure and a function. Finally, you should discuss and define the concepts of latent functions, manifest functions, and dysfunctions that were developed in more modern expressions of this theory.  

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe Dramaturgical theory. Who is the sociologist most associated with this theory? What is a key claim made by the theory? Explain that claim by using and defining key terms from the theory such as front-stage behavior, back-stage behavior, and presentation of self. 

2. Describe key aspects of structural functional theory. You should identify at least one sociologist associated with this theory. Identify the most important claim or statement made by the theory (hint: why do they call it structural-functional theory?). Also be sure to illustrate how this theory works by discussing and defining the basic concepts of structure and function from classic functional theory. Finally, define the concepts of manifest function, latent function, and dysfunction from the more modern statement of structural-functional theory. 

Keep in mind:

  • Double check your spelling. You won’t get credit for words you misspell.
  • Your formatting is important. Follow every comma and period with a space.
  • Use complete sentences and restate the question in your answer.

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