Describe how you would construct a PowerPoint that explains the following:

  1. Reflect on the health-centered learning needs of patients in your community, communities with which you are familiar, or communities abroad. Consider not only patients grouped by geographic location, but also those that represent a functional community, such as expectant mothers or patients with breast cancer or muscular dystrophy.
  2. Reflect on the mobile applications and social networking sites you have used for both personal and professional reasons. How might these technologies help to address patient learning needs?
  3. Select either a geographic community or functional community to further investigate.
  4. Using the websites in this week’s Learning Resources and your own scholarly research, identify specific learning needs of your selected community of patients. The learning need that you select might be associated with a health concern, preventative care practices, health management, or basic patient education.
  5. Browse the Internet to select a mobile application, social networking site, or other technology that might be appropriate for your patient community. Once selected, save pictures, videos, and/or capture screenshots that highlight the benefits of this technology.
  6. Review the section Guidelines for PowerPointin Chapter 8 of the Herrman course text.
  7. Describe how you would construct a PowerPoint that explains the following:
  8. Learning needs of the community, as well as their relevance (i.e. why does this matter? Why should patients and nurses care to address this learning need?)
  9. A mobile application (i.e. handheld tablet or smart phone) or social media website that could help to address this need and why
  10. Suggestions for using this technology
  11. Any concerns or potential problems that might be associated with this technology
  12. Follow-up activities to increase the success of patient/nurse integration into daily activities.
  13. description of the community-based population and associated learning need that you selected.


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