Demonstrate a critical awareness of research in the evolution of strategic management

 The required content of the supporting documentation produced by also is required to be within the following maximum word lengths (in brackets) and to cover the specific categories listed:
(a) Provide an executive summary for their personal and individual research and work undertaken for the topic set-required in Executive Report
standard format:
(b) Indicate and identify the key areas of research and sources which the student has had to identify and undertake to contribute to the group report
and their key sources of research/references/literature search sourcesrelated to the topic selected. 5 — — mostly secondary data
(c) A critical discussion of strategic models from the evidence identified by the individual student related to the topic set . 40 marks– — porters diamond.. swot analysis,,,pestel analysis porters 5 forces, porters generic strategies…bowmans clock theory…blue ocean strategy..
(d) An indication of the individual key conclusions and findings related to strategic theories and models and the practical implications.
(e) Identification of the key issues and conclusions which the student has learned as a result of undertaking the group assignment on the topic set and an idenfication of the success or failure of their group-team endeavours. — need behaviour theory to support team work
(f) An indication of the way in which their individual contribution impacted on Group Discussion by listing the action points included in the report what are my contribution towards group.
 Demonstrate, understand and critically explain the importance of integrativethinking in their understanding of strategy and its formation and development in complex organisations.
 Demonstrate a critical awareness of research in the evolution of strategic management

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