Throughout this course, you will look at how you engage with others through written communication and how you can use research in a variety of different types of settings, including academic, professional, and personal.

Primary Discussion Response

To begin the process, choose a trending topic that is preferably related to your field of study, and find information on that topic in the following locations:

  • Online news outlet (CNN, AP, New York Times, local news online, etc.)
  • Twitter
  • Wiki
  • Library database or Google Scholar

When considering topic choices, select topics that fall under the broad umbrella of your field of study. Consider the following examples:

  • Health care
    • Current health crisis or controversial medical issue
  • Security studies
    • Controversial criminal case, legislation issues, and so forth
  • Business and management
    • Trending topics in the corporate world
  • Computer science and IT
    • IT and security issues
    • Prospering or failing technology companies
    • Controversies related to technology

Note: You may choose a trending topic with which you are already familiar, but if you would like additional ideas for topics, skim online news outlets for stories or touch base with your instructor for additional suggestions.

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