Data Management Mistakes

Data Management Mistakes

Top 10 Mistakes in Data Management

I need 2 pages with powerpoint about this topic and focus in this points

Grading criteria

Clear thesisNo clear outcome for presentation

0pointsCovered a topic but without a strong point of view

10pointsHad a strong point of view or argument for the presentation in both presentation and paper

15pointsOriginal and compelling thesis for presentation and supporting paper

20pointsConceptUnclear, vague, or improperly-defined concept

0pointsPoorly defined concept

10pointsDescribed concept, but limited to explanation in book or readings.

15pointsExplained concept and brought in external resources to better explain.

20pointsExample caseNo clear example or case presented

0pointsExample limited to those in book or readings

10pointsFound unique external example to illustrate concept

15pointsIntegrated a unique external case into the concept description.

20pointsBody LanguageMajor fidgeting or rocking that significantly detracted from presentation

0pointsFidgeting or no hand gestures

3pointsSome hand gestures

6pointsExcellent gestures, walking, and posture.

8pointsAttitude/EnergyLooked unexcited or bored

0pointsExpression and voice doesn’t change, leading to a ‘flat’ presentation style.

3pointsLooked interested in presenting

6pointsDisplayed excitement in topic and presentation

8pointsVoiceVoice too quiet to hear

0pointsVoice too quiet, monotone, or excessive use of fillers.

3pointsGood vocal variation, but speed too fast for presentation OR too many fillers

6pointsNo use of filler, adequate pauses, and good vocal variation in tone

8pointsEyesNo eye contact with audience

0pointsMostly looked at board or notes

3pointsSplit time between board/notes and audience

6pointsDidn’t look at board, and spend all of the time looking at the audience

8pointsSlide and Document designNo slides used, or basic bullet points. Missing handout.

0pointsSome irrelevant or distracting images in presentation OR handout written in bullet-point format.

3pointsSolid slide design, but not unique or visually-interesting. Handout adequately written, but includes some errors.

6pointsWell designed and uniquely styled slides. High quality images that supported the presentation. Well-written paper.


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