Critically explain the value and importance of an integrated perspective to organisational leadership.

Purpose of the Assessment


The purpose of this assignment is to undertake a research report that consists of a critical literature review in relation to the topic


21st Century Leadership


A literature review is a critical analysis of published sources on a particular topic. It is an assessment of the literature and provides a summary, classification, comparison and evaluation. Undertaking a critical review of literature is a key component for postgraduate level. It allows you to demonstrate the depth of your research, and highlight your ability to question, compare and contrast and analyse a range of theories and texts in relation to your topic.


It is essential that you demonstrate your ability to read widely and in depth and that you are able to evaluate and critically analyse this research. As a post graduate business student it is essential that you demonstrate up-to-date knowledge regarding critical business issues and that you can reach evidence based conclusions in your writing.


Assessment Task


The task is to undertake a literature review on the core topic of 21st Century Leadership to evaluate and analyse key issues in relation to leadership


This could include a critical evaluation of some of the following core ideas (this is an example not a limit of core issues for evaluation)


  • Core competencies for leadership: What are the predicted key competencies for 21st century leaders? How do these build upon or contrast to traditional leadership capabilities


  • Change: What are the factors of change for 21st Century leadership?
  • Challenges: What are the challenges facing 21st Century Leaders?
  • Theory: Is leadership theory changing over time, what is the meaning of leadership in management. Is there any issues regarding gender and leadership?

You must write a 2,500 word critical literature review on this topic and present it as an evidence based research report. Compare, contrast, synthesise and critically analyse the academic research on this topic using quality academic sources to give an overview of 21st Century Leadership. Quality sources include academic journals and business reports.

A critical literature review requires you to look at quality research on your chosen topic to give an overview of the research in this area. This will require you to discuss academic definitions, identify key themes in the literature, and discuss the potential applications and implications of the literature and to show that you understand the quality of the sources that you are using.  Citing your sources and referencing are a core part of this and your report should use the harvard reference system and include a reference list at the back of your work.


Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes being addressed through this assignment are:


a)      Critically explain the value and importance of an integrated perspective to organisational leadership.b)      Apply a range of analytical models and conceptual tools and techniques in the analysis of organisations.

c)      Demonstrate knowledge applied to practical situations of business management.

d)      Engage in critical, developmental reflection about professional knowledge.

e)      Produce evidence-based arguments and conclusions.

f)       Demonstrate an ability to work effectively as an individual and group member in order to carry out tasks linking theory to practice

g)      Make discriminating use of a range of learning resources in order to solve business related problems.

h)      Communicate the solutions arrived at, and the thinking underlying them, in written form.


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