Critically discuss how Digital Marketing Communications Methods help enable the co-creation of Consu

Critically discuss how Digital Marketing Communications Methods help enable the co-creation of Consumer Value.
– Highlight what you intend to cover in the main body (this section will be done at the end after comprehensively writing the body contents)
– Gives a brief and precise overview of the essay
– Highlights the importance of digital marketing communication methods to consumer value
– You cannot do intro if you do not know your main body content
Main body:
1. Define digital marketing communications and consumer value.
2. Differentiate between traditional and digital marketing communication
3. What is the need of digital marketing communications (benefits/drawbacks)
4. What methods/elements are the best and how do they help in creation of consumer value.
– Discuss the types of digital marketing strategies and their influence on the consumer value.
– How have digital communication methods (e.g. KLE, Lectures, Storify, Whats
– App or Facebook for group work) helped and/or hindered you?
– Show how consumer value is determined by the digital marketing communication methods
– How have communications help enable the value you receive from the
5. Effects of Digital Marketing Communication Tools in the Creation of consumer value through Brand Awareness. What types of co creation influence consumer value. Show a company that has used such strategies in co creating consumer value.
– You should conclude that consumer value is heavily dependent on digital marketing communication facilitated by various marketing strategies
– So throughout your main body you critically discuss various ways of digital marketing methods and their effect on consumer value. Look at both sides (negative and positive) but towards the end you can have an opinion based on your critical study. So you analyzed and you found that digital marketing communication methods are key enablers for development of consumer value through various co-creation processes.
Other comments
– Finally, you can offer a recommendation stating that actually more studies is needed in this space because of xyz for example you may find throughout your study that having effective digital marketing communication strategies without operative implementers then the end results will not be positive. The point is you can identify a gap and mention it as a recommendation so you finish off with more studies is needed in this space to identify whether digital marketing needs to be managed in conjunction with other activities for it to be effective. This will assist in provoke thinking when you start to conduct your studies.
Ways of workings:
Definition stage:
– shaping full requirements and produce plan
– Start to gather relevant material (textbooks, academic journals, industry paper)
– Start writing your main body following the plan(not intro)
– Periodic review to ensure youre style within the proposed plan framework
– Review with teacher and capture suggestions for improvements
– Review the final product before submission
* Digital marketing communications methods help enable the
co-creation of consumer value.
Critically discuss this statement in relation to the lectures slides added on
the module.

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