Creating a Roman family

Creating a Roman family

Greek and Roman introduces-Here’s a quick summary of AW:R sources
relevant to your final project; draw from these for your 12 primary
sources. And please find attached to this announcement an abbreviated
version of slides from the last week of lecture; ‘anchor’ events for
your historical fiction flagged. The slides are especially handy for
pinning down the required economic opportunities/setbacks that defined
your family’s imperial experience.14.4.1-4 (various complaints about
creeping decadence and lost Roman virtues)*; 12.7 (on Caesar’s tactics
against the Gauls)14.5-8 (accounts of Augustus’ reforms, some
disparaging); the res gestae of Augustus; 13.3-13.5 (attitudes toward
women)15.1, 15.3, 15.4, 15.7.1-2 (relations between Rome and conquered
subjects); 15.5.2-3, 17.4.1 (family/paternal expectations); 15.6, 16.2,
17.3.1-3 (legal disputes and opinions); 16.3.1, 17.2.1-3, 17.1
(membership in social clubs, entertainment options, virtues of the
simple rural life); 17.4.2-9; 13.7, 13.8, 16.3.4 (marital relations and
domestic affairs)15.2, 15.5.1 (ethnic diversity in Roman leadership);
18.1, 18.2, 18.4.1 (late imperial policies); 16.3.2-3, 16.3.5, 16.9.1-2
(religious practice and sexual mores); 16.3.6, ‘16.3,’ 16.4, 16.5, 18.3,
18.5.1-3, 18.6.1, 18.7.1-3, 18.7.2 (Christian theology and Roman
responses); 18.4.2-3, 18.8 (the fading empire)*take care in using these,
since several report on events from the Republican period.


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